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Ultra White Collar Boxing - Fundraising for Cancer Research

  • 9th March 2018

We wore head guards, gum shields and proper boxing gloves and arranged to set a timer and do some full rounds, we boxed 2 minute rounds and rested in-between. From the ring of the first bell her sexy steely looking eyes were fixed on me, she has a great style and moves really well, she has good solid footwork and is fast with it. Before I knew it her punches were coming at me thick and fast time and again. She stalked me around for the first two minutes throwing punch after punch, for ever punch I threw at her two came back at me, she is accurate with both her left and right hand which makes guarding against her interesting. The few punches of mine that did actually land she shrugged off and came back straight away, she isn’t just a sexy fit looking young lady, she is one tough cookie determined to get the job done.


The fight went on for 6 rounds, the first 4 rounds easily went to her due to the amount of punches she was landing but in the fifth I came back a little but it didn’t last long. By the sixth I was really struggling and everything I threw was way off target, Miss Vivienne know I was in trouble and with her sexy eyes fixed on her target she just increased the pressure and picked her punches, all I could do was try and block but it wasn’t working, I tried and hold onto her to get my breath but that didn’t work either and the punches kept on coming. Before I knew it a barrage of hard and fast punches rocked my head guard and put me flat on my arse……… When my focus came back the view I got was Miss Vivienne standing over me counting, my head was spinning and my adrenalin pumping but I just couldn’t beat the count.


Miss Vivienne makes a great sparring partner, you wouldn’t know she has only been boxing for 8 weeks, she has the skills and strength to give you a good run for your money and the huge bonus is how amazingly sexy she is while doing it. I will be back for a rematch very soon but if she keeps up her training I will be in even more trouble.

Ultra White Collar Boxing - Fundraising for Cancer Research

  • Monday morning 29th Jan & I am so sore today!

Everything hurts and I am terrified for training tonight. I had a bath this morning before work, and am going to take my dogs for a walk and try to get rid of some of the lactic acid build up prior to being annihilated again today by Clifton, David and co. at Team UWCB!

Bring it on. I can really feel a big difference already, after one weekend of heavy training.

I have also been writing a list of possible entrance songs that I am going to raffle off, as well as starting to buy and gather prizes for the raffles at my horse riding schools.

Ultra White Collar Boxing - Fundraising for Cancer Research

Well, what an experience! I went with my friend who has never boxed before, and we got in there, anxious and a little afraid, and everyone was really kind and friendly.

The main trainer is awesome, he taught us both loads about stance and the guard and how to throw punches and combos, and worked with us until we had got it.

There is so much to learn. It truly is an art form, and I am determined to get a firm grasp of it.

Then we moved onto circuits, doing planking, leg raises, bicep curls with heavy weights, lunges, squat thrusts, head movement and some other hardcore strength building exercises.

By this point, I was dripping with sweat, counting down to the finish, and then we moved onto some sparring with a partner with squats and burpees (the burpees I really struggled with and only managed a couple), and then we finished with some all out punching on the big punchbags, doing 30 second punching sprints.

My hands really hurt as I did not strap them up as I don’t yet have all the right gear, but I am going to invest this week. I need a mouth guard before I start sparring with someone trying to land punches, but I was watching others spar and learning about footwork.

I watched a Mike Tyson video that someone had posted in the UWCB Facebook group and that partially terrified me and also spurred me on to get fitter and faster.

I am very excited for training on Monday.

This weekend has been a kickstart back into heavy exercise.

I tried to stretch and warm down, but everything aches, so I am going to have a bath, eat some protein and prepare for what Clifton has in store tomorrow.

My friend Sarah has said that he is serious, and won’t take anything less than 100%, so I am going to emotionally prepare for that.

Ultra White Collar Boxing - Fundraising for Cancer Research

  • Edinburgh

It was a busy week in Edinburgh, so although I did light exercise and yoga in Scotland, heavy training for my fight started today. I have been kept updated by Sarah Uwcb, and am excited to train with everyone on Monday. Tomorrow, I shall be at the boxing session in Burton, so I look forward to being pushed harder than ever before.

Today, I got up and played a game of Squash, did some interval training and then went for a swim. Later tonight, I went for a 4 mile walk, 1 mile jog and did some skipping.

I have a long way to go before I am a fitness level that makes me proud, but there is only one way to get there, and I am focussed on my goal. I want to make everyone proud and raise some money for a good cause.

If you can spare a couple of £ to donate to the cause, please gift whatever you can manage to my Cancer Research Just Giving Page.

Thanks for reading.

Challenged myself to stay out of McDonalds for the duration of training. Those of you that know me well understand how much I am addicted to the sugar and those yummy Big Macs. 🙈

I have been getting into the habit of cooking for myself instead this week, instead of always going for fast food. I am already noticing a difference in my energy levels, and it is so much cheaper!

Please donate to the Cancer Research Page and help save lives. Thank you.

Ultra White Collar Boxing - Fundraising for Cancer Research

  • 30th December 2017

I woke up, and periodically checked the Facebook page. I noticed that the dates and details of the registration meeting had been published. At this point, I knew that there was no going back. After an initial flourish of £100 in donations to my just giving page, I had been idling over Christmas and realised that I wanted to up my target to raising at least £5000 for Cancer Research. This is a charity close to everyone’s hearts, to mine especially as I watched the incredible care given to my Grandma before she died of Lung Cancer, and my Grandad has been battling Cancer for 2 Decades, and is still going strong; all thanks to the work of this amazing organisation.

Ultra White Collar Boxing - Fundraising for Cancer Research

  • 13th December 2017

Being the eager Beaver that I am, even though I knew the event wasn’t until March, and the training sessions didn’t begin until January; I was nervous when I still hadn’t heard back regarding the registration meeting. As I work for myself, and often internationally, I was very keen to know the precise dates as soon as possible, so that I may effectively plan my entire life around this new venture. I like to think that I am one of those people who will “go hard or go home”.
I really wanted to use the opportunity to change my life and bad habits, build my confidence; and bloody win!!

Fundraising for Cancer Research

  • 27th November 2017

I was browsing Facebook this evening, when I came upon a post from one of my friends that I don’t see very often, wearing full boxing attire, in a professional looking boxing ring; with her hand in the air and a huge smile on her face. She looked in great shape, I was curious to find out more, so decided to research the company that she had been training with. They were called “Ultimate White Collar Boxing”.

I got to the UWCB homepage, and saw immediately what a challenging and life changing experience this could be. I have had some boxing training previously, but only for fitness; I know how difficult boxing can be.

I read about the training, the nutrition, the big fight, and immediately signed up. I joined the Facebook group and instantly felt and exhilarating and nervous rush in my stomach...

Exciting Times...

  • 10th July 2017

I must also add that this week has been exciting in other ways. After a few months of incredibly fun and innovative (if I do say so myself) sessions with some fabulous submissives and kinksters, my new Celestial Studios is still coming on in leaps and bounds. I have adjusted and progressed with my pet play area to expand the pony play arena and puppy play turf to begin with some more elaborate and advanced training for my human ponies and puppies. The sky blue ceiling will be up within the week.

In addition, my dungeon and medical room are now absolutely packed to the rafters with exciting new swings, an A frame, rack, coffin, and new innovative bespoke spanking devices, as well as lots of new gadgets and toys.

The prison cell is functional, my wetroom is, after 6 months, a major triumph and perfect for filming, and I now have an amazing new video camera and some fantastic photo and video lighting to create new movie clips and kinky photos to my heart's content! Thank you to all the contributors, I adore you.

The downstairs areas are ready for wall lights after fittings, plastering and then we shall be almost home, after an 11 month costly slog, and counting. It is definitely going to be one of the largest and best equipped kinky and sexy facilities in the U.K., and I do hope that people embrace us and love it. So far, the response from photographers, models, mistresses and fetishists has been a resounding "Yes"!

Although, I was aching this week, I still managed to get to all my sessions and filming commitments, and feel very proud of myself for soldiering on, like a true professional!

On Friday, the beautiful Italian pornstar, fetish model and professional submissive Giada De Vinci, a dear friend of mine, came to visit me in Derby at Celestial Studios and we did some beautiful new filming for my sites and stores. I brought up my Italian submissive friend Rocco to play with us, and also invited some loyal subs to attend to our needs and get involved in a decadent whipping scene on the sand, resembling a gladiatorial scene of brutality and feral eroticism.

Some of the clips included My beautiful sub girl submitting to me in my stable, being bought at the slave auction, some medical scenes, bondage scenes and some gorgeous clips involving boot worship and anal play.

I can't wait to release them this month, and am also going to be working on starting webcam, and making as much use of the new video camera as possible. The clips are going to be coming thick and fast, so please keep your eyes peeled, and your hands ready!

I will tell you more when I next get to sit and write; free time is a rare commodity at present.

Until then,
All my love,
Goddess Vivienne l'Amour & the wonderful team at Celestial Studios

Diary of an Equestrienne and Erotic Studio Founder

  • 9th July 2017

Good Evening everyone,

Now, as some of you may have noticed, over the past 6 months, horses have become a primary source of happiness and inspiration for me. In short, they have changed my life.

I come from a working class background, and was then a student, so I have only recently been able to afford to dive head first into the horse world, but what a ride it has been so far; a journey that I hope I can indulge in eternally, God willing.

I have always loved the countryside, and have never been able to keep away for long. I fish, I walk my dogs, and prefer to gear up in my tweed and country boots and head out on a mission of discovery, as opposed to shopping in City Centres. I do, however, still enjoy the odd culinary or artistic indulgence, as any country lady should! At every country fair, in Vienna at the Spanish Riding School, in Antequera in the barren hills, I was always transfixed by these singular beasts. Their movement, their speed and agility, their strength and unique characters captivated me long ago.

So, I began seriously taking riding lessons in the summer. After heading out on several hacks and treks with my dear friends Inka and Eclipse, the latter of whom gives me lessons on one of her horses, I knew that this is something I wanted to pursue long term.

I had been having at least 4 lessons per week at a local riding school for a few months, working on the basics until I thought they were solid (I was always going to try to gallop before I could trot though), and then decided to get two horses on loan.

They are both complete opposites, and have both taught me such a lot about caring for these majestic and powerful creatures, as well as being aboard and trying to dominate them. Bossing folk around has never been an issue for me; leadership, confidence and bravery are not in short supply here, but unfortunately experience has been at times!

Similar to golf, horse riding is a sport that requires fitness, balance, skill, dedication, knowledge and experience. You cannot rush these things, but must try to not make the same mistakes twice, and to always be safe and sensible, as well as empathetic and determined in equal measure, a difficult task.

So, the horses in my life...

Willow is a big fat cob, a young mare who has been left to be green and lazy over the past few years, and whom I have had to start at square one with. When our friendship first began, I asked for too much work too quickly and was punished. Willow tried to run off with me in fields and on the roads (luckily touches wood, I have currently been able to remain in the saddle), and was not confident. Her balance mirrors a very young horse, and we have been working hard to iron out her straightness, bending and schooling issues, and I am loving every second. In addition, I have been slowly building her confidence in me both in hand and under saddle, with steadily improving and massively rewarding results. She is becoming much less anxious when we ride out alone, she is sensible and listens (most of the time), but she is a matriarch, like me, and so we have to have the odd heated conversation, and I have to remain strict but fair. Willow has stopped one of my largest and most detrimental vices, smoking pot, and has given me a routine, a stronger work ethic and life purpose, more time out in the fresh air, as well as hope, and an even greater desire to progress and excel. I hope she is always in my life, and together, we are working through a Natural Horsemanship style training regime, focussing on building trust and using very non-invasive and positively reinforced methods.

However, all my favourite riding activities involve jumping and speed, so showjumping, working hunter, eventing, etc., and I hope to drag hunt this year or next, as I definitely have a need for speed! Willow is not yet capable of jumping or doing any serious work, as we are working on bringing her weight down and improving her balance and understanding of the aids significantly before we can do these things together.

Therefore, I decided to also take on the responsibility of looking after Bailey for a couple of days each week. Bailey is a different kettle of fish entirely! He is a thoroughbred, so was bred for speed, and this lad can certainly move like nothing I have ever experienced. Bailey has been through much more standard BHS (British Horse Society) style schooling. Incidentally, I am also spending my evenings after work gaining equine related qualifications, with the hope of becoming gradually more educated and involved with the ways of the successful equestrian. Gosh, there is so much to learn!

So, Bailey the nutty TB and I are currently playing with gaits and getting to know one another, and are still in the early stages of trust building. Amusingly for some, I am notorious for falling off, or being thrown out of the saddle, as is inevitably sometimes the case for all riders, from novice to world class, and Mr. Bailey got me good this Wednesday.

We were riding in the outdoor school, making some beautiful circles in a lovely working trot, which somehow progressed almost immediately to a flat out gallop. Something must have spooked him, as he set off like a bolt of lightning. I tried half halting, sitting quietly, talking to him calmly, giving and taking with the reins, using the aids, but nothing seemed to slow or calm him. He got faster and faster, and after around 10 laps, he began diving straight over obstacles and careering around like a wild bull. I stayed on and stayed calm, but a tight right turn sent the saddle slipping to the left, and off I fell. I have some beautiful bruises and an incredibly painful stretched groin as a result, and have been unable to ride for the rest of the week, but it has certainly not put me off one bit! I got straight back on him while the adrenaline was pumping with the help of some lovely horsey compatriots, and hope to be back in the saddle this coming week.

So now, after riding big hunters in Preston with my kinky farrier friend (and falling off onto cross country fences), hacking out in the Derbyshire countryside, cavorting through rolling Scottish heather and galloping over the Welsh coastlines, I have now made the decision to take the leap and buy a horse of my own. They are going to be Friesian, with agility, grace and the most beautiful trot in all the land. I will soon have my very own black beauty, and am setting up a sponsorship page, where my loyal fans and followers can contribute to this major life enhancement if they so desire.

The 7 days of Chastity: Day 6

  • 4th July 2017

It's been another hot day today and it's continued to take a toll on my tackle. I'm starting to think about the cage all the time now, it's changed my concentration to where I'm thinking about it almost all the time. I wonder what my mum would say if she knew what kind of secret I've been concealing for the past few days.

Doing my fitness has been a challenge with the sweltering heat over the past few days but I've managed to keep up with the targets I've set myself. It's kinda comforting knowing that when I'm doing research and looking through my textbooks that I'm under the control of Goddess. It's not a pain that I'm feeling at the moment, apart from when it pinches against my skin, but the ache that has arisen from not being able to touch myself for the past few days has been almost maddening at times. It's hard to describe the secrecy I'm having to operate under when I've been shopping or when I'm visiting friends and relatives. It has the unintended consequence makes of my cage being discovered even more fun. It's fun to be taking part in this kind of activity too, I've never done anything over a longer time than the usual sessions but I'm really enjoying it because it makes me more submissive and sort of feminized.

Thank you again for doing this to me Goddess


The 7 days of Chastity: Day 5

  • 3rd July 2017

It's been a tough day to get through today, having to wash and clean my car whilst wearing my cage has led to a bit of chafing and having to contend with the sweltering heat has been an challenge.
My nuts have developed an incredible ache which serves as a constant reminder of the power Goddess has over me. Going to the toilet has become a bit more difficult, it kinda reminds me of when I used to put my thumb over the mouth of a hose pipe. It does feel quite comforting knowing that I've done something I've not done before, I do like learning about new stuff and this is no exception.

Fitness has been going well, it's been hard to carry on with my bike due to the heat and the Turkish bath my spare room seems to have turned into, however I have managed to keep up with all my targets all whilst my caged member has been encased in it's warm sheath.

It does make me feel better in myself though, knowing that I'm being controlled in this way. It's kind of an antithesis to everything that I advocate for regarding the maximisation of personal freedom and autonomy during my conversations with cops at uni who can sometimes be quite authoritarian. However having some of my sexual freedom controlled in this way feels so good.

Thank you again for doing this to me Goddess


The 7 days of Chastity: Day 4

  • 2nd July 2017

Phew, it's been too hot today. I've not really felt like doing much because it's been so hot. It's even worse than usual because my Johnson is imprisoned in a hard plastic cage which has the added discomfort of making my tackle hot and sweaty. It also makes it worse that for going on four days now I haven't been able to touch myself to get a release and it's starting to get pretty uncomfortable. It feels a bit like I'm a dog in heat who can't seem to satisfy himself. It doesn't stop erections from happening, but makes the extremely painful when they do.

Every day feels like I'm getting closer to Goddess though. I feel more submissive knowing that this has been happening for days now rather than just hours and that it's going to carry on for another couple of days.

I wonder how my cock will have taken the punishment, because I can't see most of it, I only have my imagination to think about what it would look like, whether it's battered and bruised or whether it's escaped unscathed. Ive been doing some more research on chastity as well, there's a few articles and pages I've found about other people's experiences as well. It's kind of a double edged sword though because, whilst it turns me on reading the experiences of other people, it makes me aroused which in turn is painfully contained within it's prison. It's certainly altered my concentration, it's made me focus on how powerful you are and how much control you have over me.

Thank you again for doing this to me Goddess.

The 7 days of Chastity: Day 3

  • 1st July 2017

Today has been a bit of a quiet day, having a lay in and coming down the stairs to the Amazon delivery man, who was completely unaware of the secret I was hiding underneath my joggers. Doing exercise was the most strenuous item on the agenda today with a spell on my static bike watching a documentary on the failure of police command and control at Hillsborough, all whilst I could feel the squeeze placed on my genitals by Goddesses hand.

I'm kinda getting used to the feel of it now, checking to make sure the bulge of the cage isn't too prominent when I'm around other people. I had my first bath in it this evening too, although the sudden and unexpected presence of a spider on top of my shampoo bottle next to me cut it rather short.
It's such an erotic feeling after the pressure has been building up for a few days, it's starting to tingle at the slightest inadvertent touch, be it from my hand, whatever I'm wearing or just how my body is positioned in bed. It's a bit strange doing the usual daily stuff whilst wearing this but it definitely makes me feel naughtier and more confident in a way, knowing that I've got another day under my belt.

It is starting to affect my concentration a bit more as I'm in a semi constant state of arousal which is tempered somewhat by me not being able to cum. I can concentrate but I'm finding it harder to go for longer periods without a release, I can see why people consider it a form of torture, especially if they have been given an indeterminate sentence. Just off to oil myself up so it doesn't chafe as much whilst I'm laying in bed. Come to think of it, I've put more oil on my Johnson over the past few days than I've ever put in my old car.

Thankyou again for doing this to me Goddess :)

The 7 days of Chastity: Day 2

  • 30th June 2017

It's a strange feeling, kinda similar to wearing a box when I used to play cricket although this feels a bit more pinchy when I sit down too quickly. Having to jiggle it around in order to sit comfortably has me feeling quite aroused which is further exacerbated by not being able to touch myself. It's like being kept in a constant state of denial which in turn ratchets up the pleasure. I can certainly imagine how this would drive some people crazy but I'm taking it quite well at the moment I think.

Being like this for more than a day has made me realise how much influence my cock has over my day to day actions. It's strange how it is as much a psychological cage as a physical one. Excersise is going well, I've done another session on my excersise bike which is a little bit tight when I'm sitting on the saddle with my thighs rubbing each other. I'm definitely feeling happier doing this, it's quite comforting knowing that I'm being controlled and knowing that I don't have power over parts of my own body. I think because I'm a submissive person, I enjoy the feeling of being controlled. Every day I feel closer and more submissive to you Goddess.
Washing has another knock on effect of having to be more secretive than I usually am. I don't know what my mother would think if she walked in on me in the shower whilst I was wearing my cage.

It's starting to get a little bit tough not being able to cum too, having to know that I'm not able to get a release is simultaneously exhilarating and maddening.

Thank you for doing this to me Goddess.

The 7 days of Chastity: Day 1

  • 29th June 2017

Today was such a great session Goddess, I love learning about new stuff whether it's about policing, science, video games, history or other stuff and today was no exception with learning about how to take care of latex, to getting in and out without tearing it and the benefits of having a healthy stock of talcum power. I couldn't find a better Goddess to learn from :)

It was such a great release to be under your control for my beating. It was fierce knowing that I was going to have pain inflicted on my body, especially after I was rendered immobile by your amazing skill with the rope, but at the same time, it was calming knowing you were there to look after me.

Being placed in chastity was such an interesting sensation. When wearing it, I can noticeably feel it against my skin which has the unintended consequence of making me think about it all the time. Thinking about whether anyone can see a bulge in my jeans, if I inadvertently rattle my lock or if anyone sees me wince if I get it pinched in something.

It seems strange because of how I feel powerless compared to normal I feel due to the cage but it also makes me feel good that I'm able to be controlled like this. I also feels like I've been feminised in a weird way. That I can't use my cock for much of anything. It's such an interesting feeling that would be really fun to explore in the future.

Excerises were fun to do, with the click clack of the lock bouncing up and down in time with the star jumps I did. It then became a bit painful so I had to tie the lock down with an elastic band which highlighted how much pain you can inflict even when you aren't here. It makes me feel good wearing it due to the knowing that a part of me isn't mine anymore, it's controlled by my Goddess. I'm not having any trouble going to the toilet or washing. It's such a strange feeling knowing that it doesn't restrict me in any way but I can always feel it and it's in the back of my mind for everything I've done today. It also feels really pleasurable not being able to cum in a weird way, I can definitely see why people like to take part in it. Being denied from touching myself plunges me deeper into knowing how dominant you are Goddess.

Plod xx

Goddess’ Summer Delights

  • 20th June 2017

Good day to you all,

Firstly, I would like to extend My thanks for taking the time to read this, and for all the passion, devotion and generosity that you have shown Me over the past 5 years; I hope that you are edging closer to true and complete fulfilment as a result of our connection, your submission and undying loyalty to Me.

As you know, Celestial Studios, My new kinky sex palace in rural Derbyshire, has been a source of pride and joy for Me and those who serve, since November. We have made significant progress since November, and the upstairs is now fully completed. I have been commissioning some new BDSM furniture, such as a scold’s bridle, a human-shaped gibbet, a totally unique kneeling cage, a locking neck chair, and some other essentials. I have a spanking/fisting bench and a medieval rack being delivered over the next couple of weeks from fetters, and I also have a few unique pet play surprises and pieces of apparatus that I have personally designed.

As a result of the £40,000+ (and counting) investment into My chambers at Celestial Studios (see photos @kinkfetishderby), and after 3 years of keeping My tribute the same, I must increase the real time session appointment cost for new submissive applicants to £180 p/h. This is to cover the subsequently large increase in overheads that has been essential to offer a special session at one of the largest, most unique and all encompassing BDSM play facilities in the UK. If you have been serving Me for some time, the tribute costs remain the same, as a show of gratitude for your continued loyalty.

In other news, I have also been investing in 6 new latex outfits, as well as regularly updating My lingerie, leather, and shoe/boot collection. This is because I am going to embark on daily filming. My members website, Fetish And Fuckery, and My clips stores, have been growing exponentially of late. As a result, I am experiencing a much higher demand for custom clips, and new content for all you naughty boys and girls to devour.

In the past, I have focussed on filming with other BDSM professionals, and this has been lots of fun and a fantastic learning curve for Myself, regarding posing, lighting, content and increased breath of knowledge and skills. Other than The English Mansion, who I intend to film with regularly, I plan on focussing My attention on making solo clips, so you can get to know Me better, wherever you are in the world. I feel like I have been depriving you private time with just Me, as the bulk of My body of work contains other subs, mistresses etc. I would like some spend some one-to-one time with the camera, and really run wild with some ideas and deep fantasies that have been brewing for a couple of years now. WATCH THIS SPACE, GODDESS’ CLIPS ARE EVOLVING.

As those closest to Me know, I have several personal subs and slaves, and would like to take the time of offer a special thank you, to: Bluebelle, Barbie, John, Optima1, Pebs and all the local and loyal boys and sissy sluts who aid Me daily in My many endeavours and ventures. I adore you.

My partner, who is both a buff 6’3 man, and a strapping young lady who loves sucking cock and being My bitch, has FINALLY agreed to shoot some cuckold scenes with Me, and you viewers will be our cuck, as We absolutely LOVE TO FUCK! He is also ready for some bisexual fun with you, so get arranging your multi gender sex fest today!

Another exciting development is that I have become friends with a beautiful inked submissive lady called Miss Louise Kay. She is primarily an athlete and webcam model, but has agreed to get involved in creating some clips with Me, and also offering sub girl/dominatrix sessions with Myself at Celestial Studios. We had our first ever session together last week, whereby I suspended her, spanked her, make her spunk several times, and made My submissive crossdresser Siobhan watch as we played. All three of us were dressed in latex, and it was a sweltering day, so I then made them lick the sweat off My dripping body. It was hugely arousing, and I can’t wait for a repeat! Prices start at £300 p/h for a double session, and you will not be forgetting us in a hurry, of that I am certain.

I have recently had some photographs published in Twisted Edge Magazine, the photographer being Digital Mechanic, and the submissive latex model was Miss Vixen, also from Derby. We did a beautiful shibari shoot, I was dressed in a fabulous emerald sari, and the contrast between the flowing silk and the skin-tight latex is truly something to behold, and I feel very proud of the art that We have created. The three of us are shooting again on 6th July, and I can hardly wait to see what we do next. I have some ideas, but I am going to leave it as a surprise for you.

I have plans to host two professional models from Florida this week, and we will be having fun, seeing the sights, but also finding time to session and film. Sunshine Tampa is a beautiful wrestler, fabulously ticklish and up for anything, so I am very much looking forward to getting My teeth into her again, quite literally! We worked together a couple of years ago when I was working out in the States, and she gave her Headmistress (Me) a sneaky spanking, so I MUST now repay the favour, and demonstrate that she will not be getting away with it again!

I am still visiting Edinburgh every couple of months, as I adore catching up with My Scottish boys and girls, as well as fellow Mistresses, such as Inka, Marilyn, Megara and Sugar Cougar. Everything is a little up in the air for this month, as I got confused with dates, and may not be able to head north, as I must prioritise My hosting duties. We shall see.

Something else which I cannot omit from My blog is My new adventure into the world of health and fitness. Over the past few years, I have been working so hard to improve My business and BDSM specialisms for session, that I may have neglected to look after Myself entirely. I have now had a wonderful live in chef for 18 months, and have been feeling so much stronger as a result. I am literally ready for anything these days! Subsequently, I have had the energy and drive to get back into My horse riding, playing squash and going swimming. I do each activity 4 times per week, each evening, and some mornings, which is why I have had to limit My working hours to 9am-6pm Monday - Friday, as the weekends are usually spent filming, or riding.

Horse riding has changed My life these past few months. Mistress Eclipse, one of My best friends in the entire universe, is an excellent rider and very dedicated horse owner. She has been, and remains an inspiration to me. The bond that you have with such a mighty beast cannot be replicated. Their submission to My will is a dream for Me. Their grace, beauty and power is truly astounding, and worthy of reverence. There is such a lot to learn, such a lot to develop within Myself, patience, core strength, rhythm, being at one with another creature that has the capacity for great and terrible things, that I have been prevented with a wonderful challenge. Several of the skills that I have gained through domination are transferrable, but have to be tweaked when dealing with equines. My dogs are still another source of love and tranquility in My world, and I hope that I can soon combine walking them through the Derbyshire Dales upon My valiant steed. I shall keep you updated with My progress.

On the topic of equestrian pleasures, I have recently become friends with a rather prolific pony player, or rather human unicorn, to be more specific. He shall be visiting Celestial Studios, and be tethered up in My stable overnight tomorrow, as well as engaging in extensive schooling, all of which will be documented by film and photo. I adore using the pet play space at Celestial Studios, and cannot wait for more and more kinksters to come and play, hire and enjoy the fruit of My labour! Please spread the word.

I have been having so many wonderful experiences of late, I have been to Download Festival with one of My subs, which was fantastic, I have been engaging in lots of exciting new sessions, involving electrics, steelware bondage, rope and anal pleasures.

I put one of My boys, Plod, into chastity last week. He will be released tomorrow. Under My instruction, as well as his daily exercise instigated by Myself, he has been writing down his daily thoughts and experiences, and I will be sharing them with you later today.

I have so much more to tell you, and I am going to endeavour to complete a weekly blog, detailing My experiences and endeavours. The best laid plans of mice and men…

That’s all for now, your eternal nurturer and empress has spoilt you rotten, as usual.

Your Goddess Vivienne l’Amour.

Celestial Studio Update

  • 6th February 2017

Good day gentleman and ladies under My jurisdiction,

I am writing today to keep you all informed as to My plans over the coming months.

I have decided that I am not going to offer sessions in Derby until the studio is finished, as I need to get the water supply finished, some stud walls up and painted, the ceilings brought down to provide further heating solutions (the studio is 490+ years old), and I need to dedicate the entirety of my efforts to Celestial Studios.

In the interim, to take advantage of down time in Derby, I have heeded the many requests from my subs in Scotland, and I plan to come up to Edinburgh to session with Mistress Inka at Original Sin Chambers on 19th - 25th February 2017. I have some INCREDIBLE subs and slaves up North, and I have genuinely been getting withdrawal symptoms from not being able to see some of my favourite boys and girls. I will be back in Derby offering sessions at the end of February.

I have also been receiving many requests to attend my scheduled kinky parties at Celestial Studios. Obviously, as the place is not finished, I am unable to offer public hire, parties and such at present. However, when the studio is finished, all the parties that are planned and detailed on my website will be going ahead. You will need to sign up to become a member of Celestial Studios for insurance purposes, and you will then be offered the opportunity of workshops with myself, other specialists in FemDom, and Shibari experts. If there is a party that you would particularly like to attend that is not listed, such as CBT/B Busting, please contact Myself, and if I can get the numbers, I will get the party started!

My vision is to create an all-encompassing studio that allows all manner of kinksters, models, photographers and fetishists to come and enjoy a unique facility, that is larger and more kink orientated than anything else in the Midlands. I have noticed, as I have travelled to several local and international events, that there is a huge disparity between what is on offer around the East and West Midlands to London. I intend to bridge the gap, and enable all you local naughtiest to come and experience your fantasies locally, and without a huge outlay from yourselves. I have an army of subs into all manner of kinks that will play with you, interact and guide, have a chat, and make you feel like you are part of a warm and friendly community of like minded individuals.

I have also received numerous requests for a photo day at the studio, for models, togs, photoshop wizards and videographers to come and make use of the several USPs (unique selling points) that are available exclusively at Celestial Studios. I appreciate your patience, and can guarantee that all this hard work and time away from sessioning, which, as you all know, is my passion and vocation, will pay dividends for both Myself, My business associates, and My kinky companions.

Any queries, do not hesitate to contact Me.

Warmest, and thanks for reading,

Goddess Vivienne l'Amour & Celestial Studios (Derbyshire)

the new

  • 18th January 2017

Firstly, I am pleased to announce that I have a fab new web designer who has revamped My web sites & clips stores, and is doing a great job of regularly populating them with exciting new photos and videos.

As for My adultwork page, as ever, that is controlled by Myself, and I shall continue to keep you up to date with all my tours and events via My profile, as well as adding sexy fetish session photographs & clips for you to enjoy. Look out for some fabulous new material over the coming months, as I now have a wonderfully all-encompassing kink facility, designed by Myself, to film in, host parties, hire out, and develop into one of the UK's premier kink facilities.

As many of you are aware, at the end of November, I finally got the keys to my new kink facility in Derby, Celestial Studios. It has been a couple of months of hard (and very cold) grafting, and I MUST extend a HUGE THANKS to all who have been kind enough to give up their valuable time to help Me. I am eternally grateful, and all my customers will be too.

I began by preping and painting all the 15 sets walls. I have painted and sprayed the staircases pure gold, so they befit Celestial Studios like a glove! I have gone for a black currant theme for the non-alcoholic bar and snacks cove, and a richer, more regal purple for the staircase walls.

My sets include:
Pink Trans/Sissy Glitter Parlour, complete with luxurious bondage day bed, full trans wardrobe and accessories,
Baby Blue AB Nursery, including cot, rocking horse, changing facilities & essentials,
Grey & Bloody Victorian Prison Cell, with stone bath and primitive amenities, for those naughty rule breakers,
Red Atlas Schoolroom, with blackboard, desks and essential disciplinary items,
Topaz Bedroom & Domestic area, which can be played around with and includes the option of filming screens,
Blackcurrant Rainbow Bar, A Hippy Haven complete with snacks and beverages,

... and upstairs, I have:
Blue Medical Chamber, dentist & medical equipment and furniture,
Black Dungeon, with XL cage and suspension frame, and many kinky goodies,
Green Sandy Ménage with adjoining Oak Stable, primed for those ponies who aspire to be dressage champions,
The Zen Garden, with grass and flowers, an idyllic background mural, and plenty of turf for puppies to run in. With a tractor tyre swing and hoist, and
*The Tombstone Kennel & The Secret Door, puppy play essentials.

As you can tell, it's been a big bloody project. It was a shell with no water or electrics, and I am slowly but surely working through the issues that are arising, and Celestial Studios is coming on in leaps and bounds. However, there have been some set backs, and as a result, I have had to put the (tentative) opening date back to the end of March.

Until then, I am sessioning from the medical chamber, and chomping at the bit to have the electrics and heating systems completed, as until this is finished, it is the only enclosed room I can heat. There is plenty to go at in here, and all the sessions I have had in there, from medical to wrestling to CP and trampling, have been very fulfilling.

I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Giada at Nera Video and Mistress Amrita in some filming just after Christmas. We all took home some fantastic exclusive scenes that we tailor made to suit the tastes of our following, and it is being released this month and next on Adultwork, and everywhere else. Mine were all sexual in nature, with kinky internal exams to sub on sub fucking, it's all there to enjoy.

I have also been working closely with Mistress Eclipse in Manchester. She will be coming down on 25/26th January to do some pony play sessions, as well as some anal play and medical Roleplay, and anything else we can cater for. Hopefully we will get some filming in too. We have a beautiful idea, but it's a surprise, so you will have to wait patiently to find out the details.

More to come as it happens...