• Rhino Cock, 12th July 2017

What can I say about goddess Vivienne that hasn't already been said.I had an amazing session at Celestial Studios. She is so intuitive, a natural dominatrix and even more beautiful in real life. She took me to places I have only dreamed of; 2 hours of pleasure and pain in the medical room, and then the dungeon. So much equipment you feel like a kid let loose in a sweet shop. The look in goddess Vivienne's bright green eyes as she fisted me is a treasure that no one else can ever have and will stay with me for life. A true gem is Goddess Vivienne.

  • Plod, 10th July 2017

After popping up into the studio I was amazed at how it has come on in the months. I know it's going to be absolutely incredible.
Being stuck in a spider web was fantastic, not being able to move at all and being lashed to the wall being Goddess' toy was a lesson in endurance I won't forget. although, I wasn't strong enough to last the whole session in a hood and to cap it off the water that Goddess brought for me when I started feeling light headed, ended up going down the wrong hole and coming back up ending up all over everywhere. Goddess was very understanding though and having a little talk about things made me feel much better.

Goddess gave me a tongue lashing as well as a physical one when I wasn't able to cum which hurt both my pride and my backside. Goddess has very kindly set me up with a diet plan too which gives me some new things to try.

Now I've got to wait a whole month to come back to Derby and this guy on the train is whistling all the time which is kinda annoying. Still, having sessions with Goddess always gives me something to look forward to :)

P.S. If you need anything goddess then I am always at your service.

Plod xxx

  • Anonymous, 22nd June 2017

Today I had a sissy sub session with Mistress Vivienne and the lovely Louise.it was fantastic.the studio is atmospheric and exciting. I was put completely at my ease by mistress. I had booked an hour but it went on for two as mistress took time and care to dress and get to know us.I was made to watch as mistress enjoyed the gorgeous body of Louise. When Mistress returned her attention to me I was putty in her hands.the experience was amazing,relaxed, professional and safe.I can't wait to see them both again.five stars.x

  • Slave Twitcher, 1st June 2017

Great bondage session from the the most beautiful and beguiling Goddess. Heavy and inescapable metal bondage was applied and anal and electrical training was expertly administered. I was completely lost in a world of erotic control from Goddess Vivienne.
Celestial Studios is a quite amazing space ... enough of it is finished to deliver a variety of fantasy situations brilliantly and I've got to be back there soon to explore more!

  • Rob Gurney @ Digital Mechanic, 22nd May 2017

Celestial Studios Shibari Shoot
Once again i had the pleasure of shooting with the fabulous Vivienne, this time at her new studio space. I've worked with Viv many times now and every time she has been perfectly presented and eager to create some beautiful and interesting images. Viv is a rare treasure in that her beauty is matched only be her work ethic and willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve images that we're both happy with. We are already planning our next shoot so of course i recommend Viv, in fact i know i will be returning time and time again to work with this wonderful lady.

  • Shibari Model Miss Vixen, 22nd May 2017

Had the pleasure of working with Vivienne in her dungeon, it was hands down the best photo shoot I have ever had the opportunity to be a part of.

Viv had an extensive wardrobe and a very large box of beautiful latex that she was happy for me to wear for our shoot. We shot two different sets, both including shibari by herself and a rigger, and suspension. As this was my first time trying these things, I was made to feel extremely comfortable.

Refreshments were offered and Viv offered to style my hair for me. I had an absolutely wonderful time working with such a stunning and inspirational lady. Highly recommended. Look forward to working together in the future near future.

  • Anonymous, 3rd May 2017

Dearest Goddess,

Just some quick notes on yesterday's session.

Thanks for arranging to meet at sort notice and firstly let me say that whilst it is still a work in progress there is the makings of an outstanding facility underway and all the best with the final few weeks of building.

There are not many Mistresses who deliver scat sessions, there are even fewer as stunning as yourself and the relish that you seemed to take in making the session intense, humiliating and basically laughing at me chocking on your shit makes you truly unique.

My thoughts had been for more of an introductory session, with some light humiliation and making me taste a bit of your shit, however, it soon became clear that you felt if you were going to go to the trouble of tying me up and shitting in my mouth then frankly I had better do a better job than just taste a bit.

Its fair to say I had bitten off more than I could chew in more ways than one with you.

The bondage was inescapable, the wiggle room non existant, a spider gag kept my mouth at the ready and a dew jolts with the violet want reminded me that I was there to eat and eat I would.

You pissed in me and made it clear that any thing I dropped would be fed to me later and then you did it... you turned me into your shit eating worm... I gagged, I cried, I begged but none of it mattered you simply laughed in my face and reminded me what I was there for.

I was drained at the end of the session both emotionally and physically though my humiliation was not over as you ordered me to leave without a shower.

Its safe to say I have never felt so degraded and humiliated in my life though you have made it clear that next time I will be made to feel far worse.

Yours sincerely

shit eating worm

  • Anonymous, 18 April 2017

Hi Ma'am. I have sent an email with a review.... I have been very careful what is in there and hope to commit to it too. In case you want a brief review via text too, it's as below.

My recent visit was a no safe word session. I was hoping by the end of the session I would be so 'broken' that I wouldn't be able to look mistress in the eyes. This was certainly achieved! A combination of merciless CBT, face sitting and slapping, spitting on me, fat and ugly shaming me and facial abuse left me under no illusions as to what I was and who I was serving. My rightfully lowlife existence was confirmed in a way I hadn't encountered before and gave me purpose. Over time I hope I am able to be totally owned by Ma'am and become her totally obedient whore.


  • J Edinburgh, 11th March 2017

Dear Goddess Vivienne

Thank you for the most amazing session. I've been thinking about every detail ever since. Those light touches and deep stares with those beautiful green eyes. You were mesmerising.

You put me at ease right away, even although I was late. Which I really appreciate as I was so nervous. You were also very professional and I knew I was in good hands from our pre session chat. In the past I've been so nervous meeting a mistress I've not been able to enjoy the session. I couldn't get in the right mindset. But as I knelt on the floor waiting for my goddesses instructions I could feel myself relaxing even more as I listened to the soothing tone of your voice. I felt good energy coming from you and I knew it was going to be a session to remember. I could feel everything else in my life melt away and all that mattered was serving you.

When you got out the rope and tied my arm it was as if I could see your mind working, thinking about all the ways you could tie me up and have me at your mercy. I could tell you are very experienced at rope bondage and know more than anyone I've met so far. I know you took it easy on me as this was our first session and we didn't have a lot of time. As you stared into my eyes while you flogged me I was enchanted by your beauty, you were breathtaking. You had me under your spell and the session had only just started. I was also impressed by the way you used those double floggers on me, your movement and accuracy. You have such experience at a young age.

When you let me loose and put me in the straight jacket I was gone in the clouds. You could have asked anything of me and I would have said, yes goddess. You were so breathtakingly beautiful all I could do was submit. I was so excited with anticipation of what you were going to do with me next.

Your right, you are very special person and deserve to be worshipped. You are so intuitive, it's as if you were staring deep into my soul with those bewitching green eyes and knew exactly what this sub needed form his goddess. I was in total awe of you. It didn't feel scripted or rehearsed it seemed natural, spontaneous and personal to me. It seemed as if you were really enjoying what you were doing. I feel that is what has been missing with some mistresses I've seen in the past. You could also tell you do not suffer fools or subs who don't listen or know how to serve a goddess properly.

You have a real passion for what you do. I was putty in your hands to be moulded and shaped by you. I was totally controlled and owned by you. They way you whispered what you were going to do to me and what you were going to use me for. The way you teased and tormented me. It was agony and ecstasy at the same time. You had me on the edge the whole time. I loved it.

I can't speak more highly of what I thought about our session. I really greatful you didn't become another boring suit. Your so talented and wonderful at what you do, you have made my life brighter and I have only met you once. It would be a great loss to your subs and the bdsm community if you didn't do what you do. I glad you have not conformed to what society thinks success is and have went your own way. I think that makes you an even more interesting and extraordinary person. I know what it's like when people don't understand why you do what you do. Or what you do it for, they may never understand. But if you love what you do I think that's all you can hope for. I'm rambling a bit now. I just wanted to thank you and tell you that I had an incredible, mind blowing time, I really appreciate what you do and hope you will let me serve you again goddess.

J x

  • Plod, 15th February 2017

Hi Goddess,
Just some feedback from our last session :) I really enjoyed it and it's going to be exciting to see how Celestial Studios comes along in the next few weeks and months. Thank you again for picking me up too. It does put me at ease when we start of friendly then gradually go into our roles. I think that style suits me. I found the Anal training to be pretty intense but it's definitely something I'd like to explore in the future. I think I'd like to explore being collared, gagged and restrained in the future if that's ok Goddess. Your sessions are always really enjoyable though :) long may they continue :)
Best wishes

  • Tinkle, 1st February 2017

It took a little bit of time to arrange my first session with Goddess Vivienne, due to commitments and priorities we both had, but we finally managed to agree a suitable time, which was on a dark, wet winter night. I followed the instructions I received over the previous week diligently and arrived at the studios as detailed. My heart was racing and I was nervous about what lay in wait, as Goddess had told me that she had 'a rather dramatic' plan in a text message earlier that day. I was summoned into the studio by Goddess and up the stairs to the medical area. I only caught a fleeting glimpse of the work in progress downstairs, but the scope and standard of what is being created here is something to behold. I have never seen such a comprehensive and well thought-out premises and I am sure that it will be used extensively by house and guest mistresses, as well as subs from far and wide.

I had been lead across to the medical area, and I was pushed down onto the medical chair and Goddess pinned me down expertly as she trussed me up with rope, whilst I was still fully clothed. Once fully immobilised, Goddess set about detailing the rules under which I was now required to conform to, as well as what she would do to me. She added that she would leg scissor me to the point of knocking me out, should I decide to try and make a break for it at any point during the evening. Once happy that she had made the rules clear she administered the first dose of poppers to me, straight from the bottle, directly up my nose, as she commanded me to breathe deeply in order for me to feel the rush of adrenalin and sense of disorientation that it would bring. Once she was happy I was suitably dosed, she expertly removed the ropes and stripped me to nakedness and cuffed me to ensure immobilisation, whilst at all times taunting and humiliating me.

As I felt a little more relaxed, thanks to the Amyl Nitrate cursing through my body, she administered a sharp slap to me face, which felt more like a punch due to its' ferocity and she followed this up with a volley of abuse, intermingled with frequent spitting in my face and directly into my mouth, at all times she was exploring my body and probing and squeezing as I lay helpless on the medical bed. After a further dose of poppers I was dragged to my feet and taken out into the open, freezing cold area of the main chambers, and taken to a scaffold structure, where a hangman's noose and other instruments of torture were already set.

My hands were hoist high by rope and I was exposed, naked and freezing cold in the centre of the structure. Goddess was constantly teasing, taunting and humiliating me, especially focusing on the small size of my manhood, which she found highly amusing. The sounds of Goddesses heels on the bare floor was eerily enchanting and she roughly applied nipple clamps to me before she trussed my cock and balls up with some more tight rope work, which was so uncomfortable it almost took away my thoughts of being so cold in the room.

Goddess then walked over to a rack of canes, paddles and whips and selected a couple of them to warm me up with. She started quite slowly, with strokes and hits administered to my bare buttocks, which I could feel warming over the time that the strokes and hits were finding their target. The intensity and the strength increased over time, as I wriggled in agony and ecstasy of the pain. Once she felt this was complete she took out a perforator roller and begin to roll it over my chest, nipples and cock, as she sang to me. This was absolutely spellbinding, her singing voice is absolutely beautiful and the notes of beauty, coupled with her natural radiance provided a deeply menacing contrast to the pain she was joyfully administering to me. I found this absolutely mind blowing.

Once she was happy I was in no position to offer any disobedience she very slowly and softly commanded me to piss myself, whilst tied in the centre of the structure. This is one of the most erotic things I have ever experienced and although I didn't feel I needed to pee, the cold room, the beauty and beguiling nature of Goddess and the pure adrenalin rush of the command meant that I relaxed and I started to gush piss like never before. The positioning of the rope was unfortunate, as this applied pressure to my cock, so my stream of warm pee shot across and went onto the beautiful dress, tights and shoes of Goddess. She found this highly amusing and demanded I keep peeing as I would be cleaning both her and the room as soon as I was done. I was absolutely helpless and the pee kept coming, covering the floor and the steam was rising into the freezing room air, cooling my piss down almost on impact with the floor, to leave an ice cold pool of filth.

Once I had finished peeing Goddess released my ropes and I was ordered to kneel in front of Goddess and lick my piss from her shoes, tights and to suck it from her dress. I was then forced onto my back, straight into the pool of cold piss, with goddess pushing my head down into the pool, so I felt the wetness at the back of my head. Goddess then pulled her tights and kickers down and squatted over me, taunting me as she started to release a stream of hot golden nectar all over my cock, body and face, then finally directly into my mouth, all the time whilst holding my gaze and smiling beautifully at me. As she shook herself on completion, she turned me over, so I was face down and I had to force my face into the pool of our combined piss, as she held me down, she then ordered me to lick vigorously at the cold waste.

At this point, Goddess gave me materials to dry and clean the floor, which was now soaking over a vast expanse and ordered me to completely dry it, as she walked off into the medical room, indicating that I should follow her once this task was completed. As I entered the medical room I saw she was now completely naked, except for her heels. She looked absolutely stunning, her soft, beautiful, flawless skin so close, yet so utterly unobtainable. Goddess bent over the medical chair and invited me to worship he beautiful bottom cheeks and the top of her legs, which I willingly did for what seemed like hours, but was probably only a few minutes, before she slowly moved away form me in order to prepare to administer a vibro wand to herself in the medical chair. 'I am going to come' she declared, adding 'you will stroke my beautiful face and hair and watch me as I do so'. Again, this was such a chillingly erotic thing, I was absolutely transfixed by this. She switched on the machine and slid it between her legs, as I softly stroked her as she worked faster and faster, closing her eyes and quivering more and more vigorously as she started to climax over the unit. I continued to stroke her until she became taught and slid back into the chair, panting with excitement and pleasure. She quickly composed herself and lead me over to a full length medical bed, which I lay down on, facing upwards.

She put on a latex glove and slid her finger between her legs, finding the wet pulsating mound she had just created, she expertly withdrew this from herself and seamlessly inserted the juice-covered latex finger into my mouth, where I could taste the delicious nectar of the gods that she had just been the author of. I eagerly licked and sucked to get every last minute drop from her and over my taste buds and tonsils, for which I thanked her profusely. A final blast of poppers was given to me and Goddess mounted the bed, her heeled feet pinning my shoulders down, her beautiful bottom, just millimetres from my face, her sexual must pervading through my nasal cavities, as she applied lube to my cock and started to stroke it with her latex gloved hands, taunting me as she did so. faster and faster she went, taunting and teasing me, abusing me as she expertly brought me towards orgasm, but with the chilling warning that I dare not come until permission had been given. I begged and begged for release, as she bore her legs down on me, whilst softly easing the come from me, she graciously granted me permission to come and the increased the intensity as my balls exploded all over her gloved hands as I lay, writhing in absolute bliss, un aware that there was more to come. despite my orgasm being complete, Goddess continued to work my cock with her right hand, forcing me into convulsions with sensitivity and delight, as she moved her cum-soaked left hand back behind her and forced it into my mouth, depositing my cum into my mouth and demanding I lick it from her gloves, this was repeated three times, until all of my cum was removed from her and I had consumed it.

Once Goddess was content that my torment was complete, she slowly removed herself from me and smiled sweetly as she left the room, allowing me to recover form the intensity of the session!

  • Naughty S, 16th December 2016

Well what can one say, Miss Viv was extremely welcoming on my arrival, drinks and a shower offered. I was put as ease from the vary start with friendly chat and a few discussions on preferences etc. Mistress left the room to adorn herself and boy she truly looked spectacular when Miss walked back through the door in a hot outfit, i helped finish the outfit off by dressing Miss in some sexy heels and stockings. Miss made me up as a sissy and i was introduced to one of Miss Viv's owned slaves for a kinky bi session, which was lots of fun. Don't want to go into too much detail as you need to experience Miss Viv's powers and presence yourself. At the vary end of the session Miss changed into a Goddess outfit which left nothing to the imagination, but i was imagining all kinds of things as i wiped away the drool and trying to to stare and such beauty like a love struck school boy LOL. Miss Viv is one sexy, kinky lady and boy does Miss know how to turn you o and excite you. Next session pencilled in and i can't wait.

  • Squirt, 8th November 2016

'Come in Squirt, don't be so nervous!' instructed my Goddess in a very gentle and clear voice as I walked in to her lair. Yes I was nervous; I was unsure what was going to happen next and I was completely mesmerised by her stunning beauty. She was sitting, reclining in fact, on her throne dressed all in black with a short skirt, top with a corset type bra, stockings and long boots and her beautiful flaming red hair. So many thoughts were rushing through my mind such as why did all my longing have to be focussed on such unattainable beauty? Goddess's cleavage looked ravishingly appealing. What would happen if she uncrossed her legs? Would I get a glimpse of stocking top or flesh? 'What I want you to do Squirt is to take your clothes off, ALL of them and kneel here in front of me.' This command was again intoned with that same soft voice. I duly obliged and when I was finally naked, Goddess stood up and walked behind me. She spoke very soothingly uttering pronouncements such as 'It is good of you to see me today Squirt.' 'I want you just to relax.' She started by very gently massaging my shoulders and the top of my back and sure enough I started to relax! Almost instantly Goddess slipped a blindfold over me but still she caressed me and played gently with my nipples which elicited a moan from me and started my erection.

Goddess then took my hand and said 'Come this way Squirt,' and she led me to a bench / stool to kneel on. Very gently she strapped my arms, torso and legs to the bench, and then started gently massaging my buttocks with a wooden paddle. My senses were very much heightened by being both blindfolded and helpless and I had a frisson of fear of what was coming.'Now then Squirt, we are going to play a game. Can you count to 50?' she asked. 'Yes Goddess, of course I can', I replied perhaps a little too confidently.'No need for that tone Squirt! What is going to happen is that every time I spank your bottom you count the stroke and thank me for it. It should be easy, shouldn't it?............' All the time she was talking softly she was also gently rubbing my buttocks.Then, THWACK!..........The shock of the stinging retort took my breath away...
'One, thank you Goddess'
THWACK!.........'Two, thank you Goddess' and so it went on.
After a while Goddess asked 'What number have we got to, Squirt?'
'Nineteen, Goddess'
'You forgot your manners, Squirt. Back to the beginning!'
THWACK!............'One, thank you Goddess'
THWACK!............'Two, thank you Goddess'
By now, my buttocks were becoming very sore; the consistent pounding from the paddle was starting to hurt. THWACK!............'Three, thank you Goddess'
This time we had got a little bit further before I was asked 'What number have we got to, Squirt?'
'Thirty four, thank you Goddess.'
'Wrong! Its only 33 as the last one didn't count. Back to the beginning!'
I let out a sigh and groaned. 'Don't be so pathetic Squirt, if you behave yourself I will let you have some medicine.'
So the process started all over again. By now my buttocks were really very sore, but I was determined not to let out any more yelps or cries of pain. Once we had reached ten, Goddess stopped spanking me and I could hear the rustle and click of a bottle being opened followed by the aroma of poppers as her hands came close to my nose. I sniffed greedily at the vapour and instantly started to feel the euphoric heady buzz of the poppers. My tolerance to the pain was raised and I was able to take the punishment more readily. However, concentrating was difficult. At 40, the spanking got harder and I was really gritting my teeth through the last 10 strokes.
'Forty eight, thank you Goddess',......
THWACK!'Forty nine, thank you Goddess',......
THWACK! 'Fifty, thank you Goddess'!
I had survived the first test, but there was no respite.Goddess then spoke in her soft, gentle voice whilst gently massaging and soothing my sore buttocks.

'Whilst I have you like this, Squirt, it would be a shame to waste the opportunity...........', and with that she started lubricating my exposed anus with cold lube. And then in a much harsher voice, 'I'm going to start taking you out of your comfort zone now....' This provoked an involuntary shudder, but Goddess fed me a few more precious sniffs of the medicine before she started to insert her probe. Of course, I was still blinded by the blindfold and could only imagine the size and dimensions of the dildo; suffice to say that I had no choice but to submit completely to Goddess's metronomic invasion of my helplessly exposed body. It was remorseless and seemed to go on for a long time and it only stopped when Goddess decided that she had dished out enough punishment. 'Now don't go anywhere, Squirt, I haven't finished.' As if I could? More lube was applied and another different probe was inserted but this time it was just left in. 'You have to keep your plug in Squirt!' I was untied and ordered to stand with legs apart (but not losing the probe) and Goddess started tying rope around my waist then up over my shoulders, around my neck, down my back and around my balls. I am not quite sure of the configuration of the bondage but seemingly in no time I was trussed like a Christmas turkey and if I moved or straightened my body I would provide an involuntary yank on my balls. Ouch! Now I was made to lie down and the rope work was completed. By now I was almost totally immobile and Goddess removed my blindfold. As my eyes became adjusted to the light I was again struck by Goddess's allure and beauty yet unattainability. She drew out a wand which she lightly caressed over my naked legs and arms; the wand crackled as it gave off a static spark against my body. At first this was quite gentle and was no more than light tickling. Needless to say this was only the aperitif and in very short time the voltage had been increased and the wand was directed at far more sensitive areas. Nipples, testicles and then to shaft of my cock. All of these produced screams and wriggles / writhing from me. Each movement hurt as my motion just tightened the tension of the noose around my balls. More screams invoked a stern rebuke from Goddess who was laughing 'Silence Squirt! Take your punishment like a man and be quiet. If you are good you may even get a reward......'. Now the voltage was turned up even further and the wand moved up the shaft towards the tip. 'Nnngghhh!' I was trying not to cry out yet cope with the agony as the static crackled over my cock. 'Five, four, three, two one!' The pain was over and I lay there on the floor feeling completely spent and used.

'Now you don't think you are going to have all of the fun!' Goddess stood over me and slowly lifted her skirt to reveal that she was not wearing knickers. There was only beautiful white flesh above her stocking tops. She proceeded to lower herself gently on to my face and instructed me to be very gentle and to make sure that I pleased her. My tongue obeyed the instructions and lightly played and tickled her rosebud of a clitoris. This play went on for at least 5 minutes and I was beginning to worry if I was failing in my instruction. Luckily I had no need to fear and I could feel Goddess's body start to tense and then suddenly her whole body writhed and she came with a massive orgasm. Cum gushed out of her beautiful sex and dribbled down the side of my face.

'Well, that wasn't bad Squirt, but I haven't finished with you yet.' Goddess ordered me to stand up which I managed with a lot of difficulty. She untied me and then invited me to lie down on my back on a flat bench which she strapped me tightly to. She then put a gas mask type of hood over my face which had blacked out eyeholes so I was again plunged into darkness. My cock and balls were tied and heavy clamps were applied to my nipples. Just as I was about to start whimpering with the pain, Goddess opened a valve and I was inhaling poppers through the mask. 'Don't be too greedy Squirt. This is a continuous supply.' The vapour gradually overwhelmed me and relaxed me into a state of complete submission. The pain was almost incidental and I was beginning to feel as if I could cope with a lot more. Of course, I was going to have to! The nipple clamps and ties on the on the cock and balls were all tied to each other via a line over a bar; all very tight. More clamps were applied this time to the tips of my nipples and lube was rubbed over my exposed cock. More attachments were attached in ways that I was not fully aware of and the dose of poppers was freshened up. What I discovered that Goddess had done was to attach electrodes to my nipples, my cock and balls and she had wired up the butt plug. 4 different electrical sensations were being applied to four different parts of my anatomy whilst at the same time my nipples and balls were being stretched by the tension in the rope being increased. Electricity currents and tensions were varied continuously whilst the stream of poppers served to both heighten the sensations and allow me to cope with the pain. I was in a semi ecstatic state being pushed right to the edge of my comfort zone. It was both agony and bliss.
'Goddess, may I come?' I asked
'No, certainly not! Not until I allow you. In fact we are going to count down from twenty '
Here Goddess ratcheted up some of the electrical currents and gently massaged the tip of my cock. I was sure that I was going to explode as yet more poppers filtered in to the mask.
More pain, more torment.
I was completely out of control; unsure of whether I was in pain or ecstasy as the clamps on my nipples were pulled tighter.
And so it went on, seemingly forever! I was desperate for it to both last forever and to be over immediately.
Oh please, just let's get it over...
I started to relax as I took a deep pull on the poppers and let myself go completely. I could start to feel the first rumblings of a climax.
'One, Go Squirt!' And as Goddess allowed me to come, she simultaneously released the nipple clamps and turned up the voltage on each electrical appliance. As the blood came back to my nipples another wave of pain rippled over me, but this served to increase my climax. I came with a huge force and felt as though I was emitting a never ending fountain of cum everywhere! I didn't care; I was just so relieved and was completely spent.
Thank you Goddess! That was mind blowingly amazing!
Squirt x

  • Slave Dribbler (letter), 1st November 2016

Dear Goddess Vivienne l'Amour,

Following my last obedience lesson you instructed me to ensure I made contact with you during the month, and I thought it prudent to email you today.

I was very pleased to have the opportunity to serve you last month and glad you approved of my field report. Although it was a tough session and the most comprehensive disciplining I have received for many years it was probably overdue and deserved. The bruises and scarring have just about gone, but the lesson you taught me will remain, and I thank you for your time and patience. I think with my failure to address you correctly you may require the assistance of the tawse during the next couple of sessions, but I will endeavour to correct my error.

I am looking forward to serving you during your next visit and am already working on ways to please and impress you, but should you have a special requirement please give me the opportunity to satisfy it. I really appreciate the training you provide, and respect the discipline that has to be administered to obtain the standards you require, I am honoured to serve,

Your obedient sub,

Dribbler xxx

  • Sub G, 28th October 2016

The session with you was really fantastic, you read me so well and of course you were on to a winner from the start being so beautiful and knowing how attracted I am to you.

I loved the beginning of the session it was excellent, the way you seamlessly moved from having a chat and me fully clothed to me being seduced off into subspace, undressed by Esmerelda, blind folded, cuffs applied, made to kneel and move the bench etc.… this was great and felt so natural.

You have a lovely demeanour, so confident, relaxed and in control. So un-shockable, liberal minded which makes me feel really excited about being dominated, humiliated and put in my place by you. Your looks and figure are amazing, god put you together with perfection, I love your curvaceous bum and thighs how they tapper to your slim waist and gorgeous natural breasts, the look of your skin, the smell of you, the taste of your saliva you graciously spat on me. The way you sensually moved, flaunted yourself and teased me with it was amazing, a real art. I really liked the way you pushed my mouth and lips with your hand into a pussy shape and fingered my mouth with your other hand. When you lay in front of me bucking your hips fucking my mouth with the strap-on, seeing your body move like that and the horny look on your face made me want to swallow the cock balls deep for you and simply put all my trust and faith into you that it was a possible feat for me to do.

There is a porn clip where the sub says “I can’t” (take the strap-on) and the Domme says “Yes you can” she is being nice and encouraging but at the same time firm and pushing his limits, she knows he can take it even if he thinks he can’t. There is something about being able to do things you never knew you could under the guidance of someone else and you feel indebted to that person for showing you, you could/can. If that makes any sense….

Giving me the 50 paddles for calling you Mistress and not Goddess was painful and I didn’t enjoy the pain BUT emotionally it put me in my place and made me respect you more, so it was necessary and I thank you for that.

So far I cannot fault a thing, so I am not being much use in helping you grow, however one area I’d like to talk about and perhaps Esme could learn more about is... “my butt” and in particular my prostate. She was fantastic and her playing with my dick and using the dildo on me and me begging you to cum was awesome, however there were times it was a little painful and she was missing my prostate all together. Being fucked in the ass can be the most pleasurable or painful thing. A fantastic ass fuck that really stands out in my mind, was from a Dome in Manchester I went to see a couple of times, who is now retired. She would always have me on my back on the bench so my ass was strap-on height for her while she stood, she’d make me grab my ankles which would curve my body into the right shape and as she pushed the strap-on into me she played with my dick with lots of lube aiming the head of the strap-on inside me, just up past the base of my dick to the prostate. Words can’t describe...

Finding the prostate and massaging/fucking it properly is a huge skill and in my experience there are few Domes who can really nail it. Perhaps a bit like guys and the female G spot.

At one point in our session, I said I was cumming and you said my dick wasn’t even hard, that was true but the dildo was pressing in a way to push the cum out of me and I didn’t have a full orgasm but a fair bit of pre-cum came out. Then I did cum and this was amazing and I would like to really credit you for making things continue. I’ve seen a few Dommes before and this is a first and a revelation, I loved the way you got Esme to continue with this and in fact... a confession... I think I could have came again, something I haven’t done since my 20s. multiple orgasms are not that common in men but I used to manage it. The way you kept me going and kept me submissive and horny even after my orgasm was fantastic and I as I was still feeling so dirty, I could have eaten my cum for you. (maybe next time) however I was scared to beg to cum again in case I couldn’t manage it.

It was a fantastic first session. As I sat on the floor towards the end of the session massaging your beautiful feet, looking up at you in awe and hanging on your every word, I loved what you were saying about slaves being trained and moulded into what you want them to be. I very much hope the next session will take us closer to getting to know each other, our limits, pushing these and take me closer to being trained into what you would want of me.

With love to you Goddess Vivienne.

  • Mistress Vivienne's trip to Edinburgh, 11th October 2016

Very prompt and to the point in contact given her vast clientèle. Personable, with a sparkling personality with candour.

I organised with Miss Vivienne to meet shortly after lunchtime and assisted her in her role and began on mine by taking her travelling suitcase from her car to the play space. I found this a good way to begin and when inside Original Sin we began talking about focus for the adventure ahead. My new Mistress for the day then began on pointe, she requested I help her to get dressed in her finery. With grace she produced a rather evocative blue and white rubber dress which I rolled over her statuesque body. She was wearing a subtle but ever beautiful white pearl effect bracelet. Which highly accentuated her femininity.
In the shadowed light of the Dungeon, Mistress Vivienne already oozing her divinity and spirit. Then asked me to move a chair to the desired position in order for her to enliven her beauty. While she was accentuating her emerald eyes she ordered that I relax and caress her feet. On response to this I made the carnal error of not responding to her in kind as 'Miss'. She certainly is strong, powerful, robust and delivers her craft to the highest of standards. I shall delve into my punishment and recompense in turn. I gathered a bottle of orange and wild ginger scented massage oil set the cascade of passion and my discovery. I began caressing the toes of Mistress, being both firm but concentrated and caring in my submission. When she put a black and red collar on me and I was lead to a well familial bed topped caged I knew I was well on course to serve her in the style of a Roman slave to a godly Queen. With my ruler lying gainly and afresh on the bed. I was tasked to oil the soles of her feet and remove every speck of dirty matter from her arches. It was a first experience of this area of exploration. I felt privileged with one set of toes in my mouth and my hands on Vivienne's other leg. Simultaneously relaxing her and showing how valuable a slave I can be. As my connection to this sweet, guiding lady manifested, she instructed me to remove her dress and focus my hands on her voluptuous posterior while stimulating her heightened receptors in her back, neck and arms. This continued with her assets to the front and I feel that there was a sense of candour transferred. To be empowered by having her submissive permitted to such an irrevocable task. Shows how intuituve Mistress Vivienne is and she really does resonate the phrase lamour. As moved through the motions and being seemingly against the cold chill of the the Dungeon, Mistress Vivienne's partner for the weekend entered. I have had the honour and fortune of submitting to Miss Inka before. Nevertheless she was another force of domination that I would push my limits to see her excited. The gliding walk and the insipid floating voice of heightened sensuality. As with the now revolutionised Derby Middle Earth Goddess. Miss Inka received same committed tributative body caressing beside her fellow omniscient presence.

With slave once again vulnerable and cooperative I was trussed and entwined with a very binding sense of my predicament. While Miss Vivienne put the finishing touches on my pretty rope outfit and began to attached common clips to my cockette and balls. Having experienced this sensation before I believe it would be parallel but Miss Vivienne's particular fixtures along with a tantalising smirk after each grip of plastic and metal. Revealed that the freedom I had forsaken would not be taken for granted. While this inate sense of degredation and reality flashed from her eyes to mine. Miss Inka grappled with my nipples to warm them for attaching enclosing devices and chains to me. I was reminded off my consents of will as Miss Inka said to Mistress 'he's the perfect little slave' before being led collared, roped, pegged and backward cuffed into the adjacent medical room to be examined for suitability.

Knowing that it would with utmost difficulty to lie on the investigation chair, I stood obediently awaiting further directions. My restraints were removed as were the pegs to the utmost satisfaction they were counted off with accompanying 'ooh that was sore' as a cruel sympathy. Able to settle on the cooling upholstered material of the chair and summarily bound to the seat by translucent wrap. As I lay sweating as I was packaged as Scotch Beef. My two superiors explored each others bodies in front of me, perilously close much to my chagrin. The wrapping was efficiently seared, my nipples attached to clip chains as the puzzling gesture on my face was grasped away my Miss Vivienne's tug on my nipples. At the other end Inka was in preparation for a real probing of my urethra with electro-sounding. My surrendered cockette was bunched through the little gap in plastic. Miss Vivienne saw to lubrication and Inka steadied my cock and surreptitiously examined it through her devine spectacles. My urethral passage was breached and the pleasure of pain ran rampant. While I shook in reflex of the orgasmic spasm. The metal rod was removed an a multifaceted genital and anal breach device known as The Lockdown was readied. My testes were contorted by the most tensile hands and rubber band through vice head and rob inserted into my backpussy. Just like my wrists and ankles my pelvic area was grappled together and grained with a chill. Just when I thought the twin Goddesses would mercy me and renege back to the Dungeon. Inka produced an electrical dial wheel with pads connected, the ever inquisitive and long matured preceptor of mens needs and wants. Had a literally shocking and voltaic toy in her grasp. The pads were attached to the shaft of my penis and the delay device set to work. With Inka there as the controller she set the waves the first a clenching grip that resounded through my body and the cruel but kind slaps by Mistress in the interim kept me resilient and on my toes. The ever lasting sensation was a measured and constant piercing that evoked a profanity, I was told on no uncertain terms this is followed by a flog to the penis. My earlier amnesia re disrespecting my Mistress by incorrect address transpired as a cane strike to each foot by each fervent CP advocator.

My battle of determination was almost done but not before Miss Vivienne in a gem of perceptibility ordered me to where whence she had lain prown. She asked me almost rhetorically if I wished to come and in a sliver of uncertainty I sourced her wishes. I was to be milked of my only valuable bi product and she would be within touching distance. Then to my amazement and boyhood wonder it was made clear this would be a mutually undertaken exercise. I can say unreservedly Vivienne channel what sexual need I had and was confident in the way in which to achieve a satisfyingly shared climax. She was very hands on with myself and she was reciprocal with my contact onto her. My limp cock was of no use and I wanted to imply my thanks through her own physical satisfaction. As I lay squat on my feet, she writhed with the power of the transposed current and I communicated how sexually spirited she - noncompromising in her gorgeous self. Feeling the force of her hand, cane or whip is just as unique as being able fulfill her own physical desire. I was glad I could fulfill her from our own personal bond. Age is just a number, but to have such an accomplished, gifted lady with expertise beyond our shared age is simply a blessing. I hope to explore our common interest and let you see more of Edinburgh in the process.

With Love to you Mistress L'Amour.

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