The Medical Suite

For the Med fet pervs, we have a special treat. This suite has a mirrored ceiling, so you can see all of the procedures and experiments. Complete with stainless steel sink, shelving and always spotless, this set is made for the medical pervs and roleplay fetishists.

Larger Equipment comprises:

  • Fetters Gynaecological White Leather Bench with Stirrups  
  • Perspex Toilet Box
  • Vintage Dental Chair

Toys include:

  • Anal Toys & Plugs (glass, silicone & steel)
  • Breath Play Equipment
  • Cannulas
  • Catheters
  • Dental Picks
  • Electro Stim
  • Enema 
  • Medical Paraphernalia
  • Milking Machine
  • Needles (every gauge)
  • Saline
  • Sounds (Electric, Inflatable, Heger and Rosebud)
  • Speculums (steel)
  • Staples
  • Steel Chastity 
  • Suction Cups
  • Sutures
  • Violet Wand
Vivienne l’Amour & Celestial Studios

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