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Here you will find the latest info on my whereabouts and various kinky ventures, both in Derby at Celestial Studios, and further afield. I regularly tour Edinburgh, Scotland. 


We are always hosting visitors at Celestial Studios, and having regular parties. Please text or email to apply for servitude either as a film or session slave.

+44 7527 787 185

Dates for the diary at Celestial Studios

9th Jan - filming with the gorgeous sexy subby escort & Pornstar Susie Best
14th Jan - Bi Boy & Sissy Gangbang 
17th Jan - Filming with Hopeless Hedonist, the erotic hypnotist and sensual rigger/bunny switch extraordinaire 
18th Jan - Play Munch from 2pm - 6pm. I will be inviting you all to come and check out the studio and have a play with me and some other filth monsters 
20th Jan - Filming with Blonde Dom Girl
22nd Jan - A day with Mistress Scarlet Graves doing filming and sessions
23rd Jan - Visiting Milton Keynes for the day to see Domina Sara, Tony Essentia & session from Fallen Angel studios, a venue I just adore with two of my favourite people on the planet
24th/27th Jan - Shy Darling is visiting for Domme/Sub double sessions with me, and solo sessions at Celestial Studios. She’s a real favourite of mine. Just so cute and edible
28/30th Jan - In a private bondage session for 3 days!! I can’t wait to take our sessions to the next level. They are very special for me
3rd/7th Feb - In Edinburgh sessioning from Maison Du Debauch with Mistress Inka, a long term friend and FemDom Queen. Celestial Studios will still be open for private hire.
11th Feb - English Phoebe will be coming back to take some more of Goddess’ penis and punishment for a film day and some double sessions
13th Feb - The gorgeous Emma is heading over to work through Peter Birch’s ‘Book of Spanking Positions’ on film with me
16th Feb - Amazonia FemDom party with Domina Liza - 2pm - 8pm - £20 entry. Full details are specified on a separate post.
25th Feb - The One and Only Mistress Athena will be gracing CS with Her glorious presence. I can’t wait to play together again. Sessions and filming slots on offer
6th March - The Gorgeous Scottish Pixie and Her pups will be coming to Celestial Studios for a couple of days to film and session. It’s going to be a hell raiser.
7th March - The Heaven & Hell Masquerade Ball - 8pm ‘til late - £50 entry - An exclusive spectacular you will never forget!
Thanks for reading. I hope you can match with one of these dates, or choose an alternative date to book a private session with me at CS.
Goddess Vivienne 

Amazonia - Where Women Become Warriors

Sunday 16th February


2pm - 8pm 


Celestial Studios Derby


£15 entry



Dominant Ladies, and the wonderful individuals that serve You, 


We respectfully invite You to join Us at Celestial Studios for an afternoon of pampering and entertainment. Your subs, slaves and sissies are most welcome; they will please & entertain Us. Unowned subs are invited to serve and enjoy the presence of Superior Females.


We are two Alpha Women who envisage a hub where We, as Women who love worship, can come together to enjoy a celebration of Female Supremacy, slave games and unified sadistic pleasure. 


We propose the following schedule:


  • 2pm - 3pm - Meet and Greet 


A complimentary drink and snacks will be provided, your coats can be taken to the cloakroom. Ladies, please add your Name to the guest book for the ceremony later, and make Yourselves at home; feel free to grab any unoccupied men, should You desire any assistance. Submissives & slaves, please collect your wristbands.


Green - Unowned & eager


Amber - Unowned but a little nervous


Red - Owned 



  • 3pm - 4pm - Compliments Ceremony (in the top floor dungeon)


Each Lady will be announced, is invited to sit on the throne & have Her photograph taken. All the submissive males and sissies will then be offered an opportunity to respectfully approach, and pay Her a compliment. 


The Ladies are then invited to have Their photograph taken as a group.


The unowned submissives will then be lined up, and the Mistresses may, if They so choose, bestow each one with a task for the evening, one that they must complete before 6pm. 


  • 4pm - 5pm - The Talent Show (in the Shibari Suite downstairs)


Submissives are invited to mimic the Birds of Paradise and offer a seductive dance/song/poem to entertain the Ladies. Trophies will be awarded for the following:


  • Biggest Talent
  • Most Entertaining
  • Best Dressed 


5pm - 6pm - Train Your Pet (in the top floor Pet Play Space)


All Ladies will be invited to either become a Pet Handler, or to recline and watch whilst other subs attend to Their desires.


All submissives will be invited to either engage in some obedience training, or to attend efficiently to the Ladies needs.


6pm - 6.30pm - The Disciplinary


Naughty boys, girls and pets will be sent to Headmistress’ Office, where they will be suitably chastised by Domina Liza, Mistress Vivienne & the Ladies, or will be allowed a reward instead, dependent on the Ladies’ preference. 


6.30pm - 8 pm - Playtime (all spaces will be opened)


You are invited to play with any submissives who have taken Your fancy, and to enjoy play as You decide.  There is ample equipment, apparatus and implements provided for You to indulge in any pleasures You may desire. Subs, please make yourselves useful, and remain respectful at all times. 


We look forward to seeing You all there.


Kind regards,


Domina Liza and Mistress Vivienne l’Amour



Dear Goddess,

First of all my sincerest apologies that it took me a whole month to write this story, especially as our 3 hour session together was by far the best Domme experience I've ever had; you are such an intuitive and natural Goddess! Although I’m normally not a writer, I had great pleasure putting this down on paper and I hope that this is what you meant when you asked me to share my experiences. I do apologise for my English, as expressing feelings in a non-native language turned out to be hard! 

After booking our session for more than a month in advance, the day had finally come. I was going to meet the gorgeous Goddess, trust her with my biggest secrets and give her full control of my body and mind. This was a very big step for me and I couldn’t have been more nervous and excited at the same time!

When I arrived at her professional studio, Goddess had just arrived as well and we went in at the same time. The beauty of Goddess was overwhelming, but she put me at ease very quickly. After a brief conversation about my do’s and don’ts, Goddess very fluently turned me into her slut slave. We first went into her sissy room and I felt amazed to see her extensive wardrobe. She was sharing her thoughts out loud and had lots of fun, as she was considering what she would make me wear. The one outfit was even more sexy and girly than the other and at this point I knew I was at her mercy and that really turned me on! She finally selected stockings, high heels and decided that I was going to wear a brown leather corset. Although I felt very humiliated, I couldn’t wait to put it on (I have a real fetish for leather, latex and everything shiny and tight!).

On our way to the upstairs dungeon, we passed the amazing stables. Immediately I fantasised about how great it would feel to be Goddess’s pony, but Goddess decided that this was not for now. When we arrived to the dungeon, Goddess told me to put on the clothes she picked, complemented with a wig and boobs. At this point I was even passed feeling humiliated! In the meanwhile Goddess changed into a magnificent red leather play suit; what an amazing body! She then helped me into the corset and made sure I wore it as tightly as possible. No additional ropes needed, as I felt totally constrained already. After making me take a good look at my slutty self in the mirror, she guided me towards the wooden frame.

When we arrived to the frame, I found myself in quite a predicament. Facing the frame, my arms were tied behind my back in a leather arm binder. A chain with nipple clamps made sure that I couldn’t move away from the frame. Goddess came up with a very genius construction where a rope connected the end of the leather arm binder to a leather parachute tied around my balls and cock. This meant that whenever I moved my arms, I was basically putting strain on my balls. Goddess also made me wear a very pretty gas mask, of which the glass kept steaming up due to all my excitement. While fighting the pain in my calf muscles from having to stand on my sexy high heels, Goddess played me very erotically. I remember her walking around me in her gorgeous red leather suit and me wanting nothing more than touching her, but this was impossible. She kissed my mask with her sexy red lipstick lips, but all I could do was watch. She even made selfies with me in the background. My buttocks also experienced how skilled Goddess is with her stunning, custom made, colourful whip. The pain was masked by the discomfort from the high heels, but with each stroke I felt more powerless and loved Goddess even more! She was clearly having lots of fun and I quickly learned that her lovely laugh meant trouble for me. She decided that I needed to have a girl name and decided that Lagertha would be appropriate for me; a name I shall wear with pride!

Goddess decided that it was time to move on to yet another room and released me from the frame (taking away the nipple clamps was beyond painful!). She asked me if I was claustrophobic and when I said that I wasn’t, she put an inflatable leather hood with an integrated breathing tube over my head. I was so happy, because I had always wanted to try one of these on! Unfortunately, probably due to all the excitement, I was breading so heavily that I couldn’t cope with the small tube and while the mask wasn’t even inflated, I had to ask Goddess to take it off. I don’t like giving up, but luckily Goddess had a fantastic alternative. This time a latex mask, without eye openings, but with full mouth access. Another one of my favorites! This way and still fully cross dressed, she guided me through a few doors and pushed me down onto a leather table. When she fixed my legs in gynecological leg holders and my hands at the sides of the table, I realised I was in her medical room. 

Laying there, with every part of my body fully accessible to Goddess, was heaven to me. At that moment, I must have reached a very high level of subspace. I started to tremble and remember very intense emotions. Even my memories from this part of the session are blurred and I can’t recall the exact order in which everything happened. At the start, Goddess skillfully hooked me up to an electro device, I believe with pads on both my balls and my cock. I did experience electro before, but never this intense. At the one hand the contraction of muscles caused by the electric pulses were painful, but on the other hand the pulses made me feel like I was getting a blowjob; such contradiction! I was helplessly groaning with every set of pulses. With my tong I remember feeling that my mask had a stiff ring around the mouth opening, making sure that Goddess had full access to my mouth. For some time my mouth was even kept open by a Jennings gag. Again a device I never experienced before, but absolutely loved. Goddess was regularly spitting in my mouth and if I could have spoken, I would have begged her for more. While all of this was going on, she also tried various butt plugs on me; both vibrating and electro. To make penetration easier, she gave me a few doses of poppers, supplied via a medical mask inhaler. She turned me into a real fan of medical play here! For Goddess I happily took the strong pain associated with taking some of these plugs out. At some point, Goddess removed the mask, so that I could see the peculiar situation I was in. However, all I could focus on was her. She was still moving around very erotically in her beautiful red leather play suit and every now and then showing me a bit more of her divine body. Being teased to such extend and still feeling the ‘blowjob’ from the electro play, I begged Goddess to turn of the electric pulses as I was afraid that I would come without permission. She told me I wouldn’t and quickly tried to give me a dose of nitrous oxide, but it was too late. I couldn’t believe I had come without her even touching me, but at the same time it was such a wonderful, out of this world experience! 

Goddess was quick to point out that if this wouldn’t have happened, she might have let me worship her. Luckily, she told me earlier that she would let me come in suspension and she quickly moved on to make it her mission to still let that happen. She got undressed completely, freed up one of my hands and allowed my finger to carefully enter her vagina. I felt so privileged to admire her full body and to see her gorgeous bottom from that close. I even got to taste her juices as she instructed me to suck my finger. Clearly she was still having lots of fun and it didn’t take too long for my cock to harden again. 

In this state, she took me downstairs into her prison cell. I had to lie down on a soft table, hands tied on my front and still wearing my tight corset. She made me wear feet suspension cuffs and before I knew it I was hanging upside down. I had no energy left in me and I was in total obedience of Goddess. I remember being moved around, licking her feet and again admiring Goddess, but this time from underneath. I didn’t know what was coming when she moved me really close to her and all of the sudden I got a very powerful shot of her champagne right over my face and even into my nose. This must have been the most humiliating moment of the 3 hours,  but at the same time I felt so happy and thankful that Goddess was willing to share this with me. Next moment I remember is being milked and again coming with so much joy. The session ended appropriately with me eating my cum out of her hands.

What a fantastic end to -and I’m not exaggerating- one of the best 3 hours in my life! I really hope you had fun as well and that you will allow me to be your Lagertha again. I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful time! 

Warm regards,

PS. Your whip was more powerful than expected and left red horizontal stripes on my bottom for weeks :-) This required a bit of hiding, but was a small sacrifice to make for the great time you have given me!

7th March - The Heaven & Hell Masquerade Ball - 8pm ‘til late - £50 entry - An exclusive spectacular you will never forget!

We have organised an excessively fabulous line up for the event!
Photos are on the Celestial Studios page from the our opening party. I do hope all the founders are able to join us once again. 😈
Complimentary food and drinks all night, including beer, wine, spirits and cocktails/mocktails with professional bartenders.
Full maid/butler service with canapés and bubbly.
Performances from:
Christian Red and Scarlot Rose
Raven Lenore
Pussy Willow
Luna Rose
A fashion show complete with a stall to purchase goodies
The venue is one of a kind, and includes:
* Cuckolding Chamber,
* Dressing Room,
* Dungeon,
* Medical Suite,
* Padded Cell (coming 2020)
* Pet Play Arena & Stable,
* Playboy Bar
* Princess Parlour
* Prison Cell
* Red Room
* Schoolroom
* Suspension Suite
There will also be a hot tub in the marquee, so please bring your skimpies and a towel/ dressing gown!
This is a Black Tie Fetish evening so ball gowns and suits are essential. They can be made from fetish fabrics such as latex or leather.
Masks will be provided upon arrival, and wristbands.
The afterparty will be wild! 

Testimonial - Dobby

Dear Goddess,

It was my pleasure to christen your suspension frame and give my body as your birthday gift. As I trust you implicitly, I decided to allow you to set the limits of our session and wondered how many of my limits you'd push...!

Thanks so much,


Celestial Studios Opening Party

What a night, some of the best Dommes, subs, Tops and bottoms, riggers and bunnys descended on Celestial Studios for a night of fun and frolics...

Goddess Vivienne l'Amour

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