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**UPDATED 27/2/20**

I would like to extend a very BIG thank you to all the Mistresses and Their servants for gracing Celestial Studios with T/their presence and participation. It was a momentous occasion that was a real pleasure to partake in. Special congratulations to Princess Sabrina, Slave Gareth and Slave Earth for their victories in the Slave Talent Show, and well done to all the participants for your bravery, camaraderie and effort. The Compliments Ceremony brought tears of pleasure to My eyes, thank Y/you all for being so gracious. I hope you all enjoyed the Pony Play Demo, and if you saw Me crucifying and whipping Slave Earth, I do hope you enjoyed watching. I certainly enjoyed the impromptu session.

I plan to prefer another Amazonia in August. Dates TBC. I look forward to seeing you there.


Goddess Vivienne l'Amour


Sunday 16th February


2pm - 8pm 


Celestial Studios Derby


£15 entry

Dominant Ladies, and the wonderful individuals that serve You, 


We respectfully invite You to join Us at Celestial Studios for an afternoon of pampering and entertainment. Your subs, slaves and sissies are most welcome; they will please & entertain Us. Unowned subs are invited to serve and enjoy the presence of Superior Females.


We are two Alpha Women who envisage a hub where We, as Women who love worship, can come together to enjoy a celebration of Female Supremacy, slave games and unified sadistic pleasure. 


We propose the following schedule:


  • 2pm - 3pm - Meet and Greet 


A complimentary drink and snacks will be provided, your coats can be taken to the cloakroom. Ladies, please add your Name to the guest book for the ceremony later, and make Yourselves at home; feel free to grab any unoccupied men, should You desire any assistance. Submissives & slaves, please collect your wristbands.


Green - Unowned & eager


Amber - Unowned but a little nervous


Red - Owned 



  • 3pm - 4pm - Compliments Ceremony (in the top floor dungeon)


Each Lady will be announced, is invited to sit on the throne & have Her photograph taken. All the submissive males and sissies will then be offered an opportunity to respectfully approach, and pay Her a compliment. 


The Ladies are then invited to have Their photograph taken as a group.


The unowned submissives will then be lined up, and the Mistresses may, if They so choose, bestow each one with a task for the evening, one that they must complete before 6pm. 


  • 4pm - 5pm - The Talent Show (in the Shibari Suite downstairs)


Submissives are invited to mimic the Birds of Paradise and offer a seductive dance/song/poem to entertain the Ladies. Trophies will be awarded for the following:


  • Biggest Talent
  • Most Entertaining
  • Best Dressed 


5pm - 6pm - Train Your Pet (in the top floor Pet Play Space)


All Ladies will be invited to either become a Pet Handler, or to recline and watch whilst other subs attend to Their desires.


All submissives will be invited to either engage in some obedience training, or to attend efficiently to the Ladies needs.


6pm - 6.30pm - The Disciplinary


Naughty boys, girls and pets will be sent to Headmistress’ Office, where they will be suitably chastised by Domina Liza, Mistress Vivienne & the Ladies, or will be allowed a reward instead, dependent on the Ladies’ preference. 


6.30pm - 8 pm - Playtime (all spaces will be opened)


You are invited to play with any submissives who have taken Your fancy, and to enjoy play as You decide.  There is ample equipment, apparatus and implements provided for You to indulge in any pleasures You may desire. Subs, please make yourselves useful, and remain respectful at all times. 


We look forward to seeing You all there.


Kind regards,


Domina Liza and Mistress Vivienne l’Amour


Vivienne l’Amour & Celestial Studios

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