Elysium - Gods and Goddesses


We have secured a ‘Battle of the Goddesses’ performance with Mistress Amrita tying up Mistress Vivienne & flogging her into submission and arousal.

We have a mock slave auction in the torture square upstairs at 9pm. We are providing a catalogue of the male and slaves for sale. There will be a photo of each, a list of their skills, stats and limits and great variety; something for every sexy and kinky taste provided to guests upon entry. You can then peruse the catalogue, and then bid for an hour of the slave’s time to please and serve you in the naughtiest ways. The winning bid will be payable via cash or card upon receipt of the human merchandise.

We have a live sex show performance at 10pm upstairs in the Golden Emporium. A sexy stud will be giving his lady a good seeing to, and wants you to join in. The lights will be dimmed, and you can play and touch to your heart’s content, with the appropriate permission from your play partner.

******* ESSENTIAL INFO ********

We are hosting another decadent extravaganza, so please dress to impress, as we do not allow jeans or trainers, and you will be turned away. Our guests make a huge effort to look amazing, and it would be unfair to allow casual clothes. You won’t be wearing them for too long anyway! 😈

We want to see you in your most glamorous, outrageous outfits, replicating the Greek, Roman or modern Gods, so there is plenty of scope to become whoever you fancy. Wonder Woman and Thor are welcome, but no Buzz Lightyear’s please, we want sexy, naughty and kinky, not silly.

The 2 hot tubs are available for use, swimwear NOT required 😈. Towels and clothes rails with hangars are provided.

We have a wristband policy, Green is Go, Orange is Dont Know and Red is No.

You are encouraged to mingle and approach other guests from the start, so please don’t be shy. What’s the worst that could happen?

***********The party rules: ***********

No photography allowed - what happens at Celestial, stays at Celestial. Privacy is paramount to us and our guests, so we can be as naughty as we like!

Playing with other guests and couples is encouraged, hence the wristband system to help you to distinguish who wishes to play openly. You are welcome to approach other Gods and Goddesses that take your fancy and politely ask if they would like to play. We are all here to party and get our sexy time/kink on, so don’t be afraid to offer yourself for the pleasure of another, in a vanilla or kinky capacity. What’s the worst that could happen?

We have private rooms which you are welcome to use if you want to be a little more secretive with your play.

We have male and female toilets that are cleaned regularly.

We have a fully stocked bar, and a great selection of beverages and cocktails. We do accept cash and card payments.

We have a very sexy DJ who wants to play, so don’t be shy, go and say hi!

We can’t wait to see you at our next event!

Please note, tickets on the door are £40 per person, so please Get your tickets now. Thank you!

The Circus Maximus Team at Celestial Studios


Elysium - Gods and Goddesses
Vivienne l’Amour & Celestial Studios

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