Sadistic Rope with Christian Red and Vivienne lAmour

A masterclass of cruel and effective rope for all levels of rigger and rope bottoms with two lifestyle kinksters in a fabulous venue.

About Sadistic Rope


Christian Red Rigger - Vivienne l’Amour Rope Model


This class will be limited to a maximum of 12 couples only



In this workshop, we will explore the sadistic application of rope. Rope is obviously useful for restriction, but we're going to look at the plethora of ways we can make someone suffer inside of it.


*Fast and brutal*

Tying someone as tightly and quickly as possible sounds simple, but keeping the person you're tying safe and avoiding a mass of tangles is more complicated. We'll look at some anatomical shorthands as well as rope handling techniques for tying quicker than you thought possible.


*You fight, you choke*

For hundreds of years, hojojitsu ties were used to arrest prisoners. We'll deconstruct some of these classic ties and see whether we can benefit from them, we'll also update the design to ensure we're tying as safely as possible.


*Sit and suffer*

Sitting torture ties give us the opportunity to let someone break themselves down over time. All that's required is patience and a few pieces of rope.


*Head bondage and head games*

We'll look at the different facets of head bondage- tying the face, neck and mouth. The effect of our actions will be considered and we'll examine various options for enhancing the vulnerability of the person we've tied.


As well as presenting various interesting play ideas, this class aims to improve technical understanding, build better rope handling and make attendees more confident when approaching rope scenes.


*Prerequisites and considerations*

This is a practical, hands on class for all levels of rigger. Knowing a basic knot (i.e. reef knot, square knot, granny knot) and single column tie would be an advantage but not essential.


People being bound should be comfortable communicating with their partner.


Please bring a few lengths of rope, preferably 4 lengths each approximately 7.5 meters. Cheap rope is available to buy on the day.


Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move.


Keep yourself hydrated during the workshop and be mindful of your energy levels. There is a stocked bar with snacks and soft beverages for sale.

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Vivienne l’Amour & Celestial Studios

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