Special Offers

I always require a £50 booking fee via bank transfer to assure Me of your authenticity. My 100% impeccable feedback, many field reports, infamy and being the sole owner of the largest and most diverse BDSM studio in the UK speaks for itself.

Anal Experience - £220 - 90 mins
As you will have seen from My hundreds of videos shot with the world’s premier producers, I am an anal aficionado. I have over 100 dildos, strap ons, vibrators, plugs, electric toys and two very accomplished fists. I even have a horse speculum for those very experienced players, and plenty of Amyl and Nitrous to get you to your special space. Shall we see how far I can stretch you before you ass-gasm? 

Be Denied - £100 p/h
You will arrive, and you will sit at My feet, possibly massaging them or licking them, stroking My stockings if permission is given, and I will drink wine, or read a novel and completely ignore you. When I am bored of you, I will send you home. 

Bisexual Boys BumFun - Sissy Sluts Shafted - £180 p/h
Always wanted to feel another man’s tongue tickling your shaft? Fuck a hot trans chick, or be fucked? I have My fingers in many pies, so I can arrange a tailor made sexual dalliance from your wildest fantasy. This is a specialism of Mine, due to My enviable selection of sluts to choose from. 72+ hours notice required. 

Chastity - Several Options
24 hour chastity - £200
You will report to Me at 10am. You will be put into one of My many devices, possibly steel or silicone and then will be sent away with a list of tasks to complete, for which I will require photographic evidence. We will keep in touch throughout the day, when I desire, and you will amuse Me as best you can, while I tease you and tell you all about how the other slaves are having so much more fun with Goddess than you. You will report at 10am the next day, or when I invite you to come and be released, unless you displeased My and failed in your duties. Then I shall decide on how best to punish you.

1 week lockdown - £400
As above. You will be rewarded with an orgasm at the end of your 7 day stint, if you do everything Goddess desires and requires.

1 month lockdown - £500
Notice the price drop... this is because I adore long term suffering... I can’t wait to see how blue your balls get, and the look on your face as I own your orgasm... or deny you further... 

Dinner Date - £100 p/h (3 hours minimum)
I like to savour My food, and My prey in opulent surroundings. You can expect for Me to arrive (or you can apply to chauffeur Me so we can enjoy a nice Bordeaux) in beautifully cut and fitted garments, usually vintage and always extremely classy, channelling 1950’s glamour, with sumptuous lingerie beneath. I may allow you to request to unwrap some pretty pale pink pudding if I get everything I need from the conversation (chargeable, of course). I am disconcertingly intellectual, being rather too well educated and loquacious, and My stories will be sure to leave a little wet patch in your boxers, so do keep the menu on hand darling. Oh, and do swat up, as I love to talk about current affairs, as well as My current affairs with My various girlfriends and slave girls... well, life is too short for just one, isn’t it?! 

Dom/Sub Girl Experience - £240 p/h
I have a selection of slave girls who I order to please Me, and you, if you are good. These sessions are some of My favourite, as there is something about a naked woman, on Her knees, or strapped up in My orgasm tower, begging and crying with a gag firmly in place, that gets My toes curling with cruel pleasure. Demonstrate your skills on her while you look straight into My eyes, wishing it was Me, knowing it never will be. Come and join Us, you will be so glad you did, as have many before you. 

Electric Experience - £240 - 2 hours
You will be introduced to a series of electrical stimuli, vaginal or anal, on the nipples, thighs, cock and balls and I also use a vintage 1960’s complete violet wand with 20 attachments. My preference is to run the current through My own body, so I feel the thrill as the electric passes from My fingertips through to your soul, scourging you in seduction from the inside out. You will explode with My Doxy on your cock as I also rub Myself on it... unless I cum first... and then I may get bored... so don’t keep Me waiting if I give you permission to spunk. 

Extended Confinement - £100 p/h (3 hours minimum)
I have the largest holding prison cell in the UK. I also have two suspended cages, and various other ways to lock you up. I have a latex vac bed, body bags in rubber and leather, a coffin, stocks and lots of rope (I am an experienced and safe rigger, specialising in symmetrical suspension bondage). I adore watching you slide away into sub space. I will never leave you alone, and am always toying with you and adding layers to our session, with clamps, electrics, My mouth and hands or possibly some implements from My VAST collection. I love to make it interesting, and I adore masturbating in front of you, or enjoying the fucking machine, mirror above Me so I can see My sex whilst you are locked away and blindfolded, begging for release. 

Financial Servitude - POA
There are several bills that you can pick up for Goddess. Looking this good doesn’t come cheap My darling! Your reward? My pleasure... and some photos of what you have treated Me to!
Monthly costs are as follows:
  • Studio rent - £1000
  • Equestrian Hobby - £500
  • Beauty Products - £100
  • Mani/Pedi - £80
  • Eyelashes - £60
  • Hair Styling - £60
  • Waxing - £50
  • Golf - £50

Human Toilet for the day - £100 p/h ( 4 hours minimum)
This is only available when I am joined by other Ladies. We will use you as Our chamber pot in My custom Perspex toilet box, so We can see your suffering while We go about Our sessions and ignore you while you lie in Our pee. How deliciously humiliating. You will be showered before you leave. 

Intro FemDom Session - £140 p/h
Tie and Tease like you have never experienced or anticipated. Electrics, gas, sensual whipping that doesn’t leave a mark (I am an expert), or some bondage, collared training, pony play, medical, roleplay. Dip into some of your favourite and filthiest fantasies... I will exceed your expectations... guaranteed!

I am much more hedonistic and sexually charged than other Mistresses, My natural body and beauty are legend; My skills, equipment and My oversized brain... well... I am easily the best (and worst) tease & sadistic seductress I know! That’s why all My boys keep coming back to serve! I am the drug you love to despise yourself for. 

Judicial Punishment - £120 p/h
Serve your penance after confessing your perversity and wrongdoings. You will be strapped down to one of My many pieces of custom apparatus and will take paddles, floggers, the cane and My infamous bullwhips. You will wear My marks with pride. You will not orgasm. 


Online Slavery - £200 p/m

This includes limited texts and a weekly 5 minute phone/video call. I don’t have time for regular webcam fun or phone chat, but I do like building a long distance connection with some of My most interesting and discerning gentleman subs.

Role-plays - £150 p/h
I plan & deliver My games to perfection. I have a schoolroom/office where I can transform into your boss, the head girl or headmistress (My favourite), a prison governess/interrogator, a ranch owner that has found you prowling around and looting My Stable, a wayward doctor who gets Her kicks from unusual medical practises sure to leave you empty, or your girlfriend’s sister who finds you sniffing/wearing Her clothes and threatens exposure... unless you do what I need... which you will, and you will be SO grateful for it. 

Sissy/ XDresser MakeOver & Photoshoot - £100 p/h (4 hours minimum)
I have lots of experience with dressing My trans sluts to perfection. I am an expert at choosing the right shades of make up, beautiful clothing that accentuates all your best features, arouses Me, and know where to shop for affordable quality, so we won’t need your credit card. When I am satisfied that your look is enough to help Me orgasm, we will then do a photoshoot, something for you to treasure forever, either in a frame beside your bed (with a pair of My worn panties) or in a private folder on your phone. 

Spoil Me with a Shopping Spree - £100 p/h plus gifts. (3 hours minimum)
Fancy accompanying Me whilst I offer you a very private fashion show, heels, lingerie and we can even pick out some treats for you too? I love to dress My men before stripping them bare and teasing them senseless. 

Super Sensual Massage - £160 p/h
I am skilled and trained in deep tissue, sports, tantra, hot stone and sensual relaxation massage. If you are not that kinky, but love My style, look and voice/vocabulary, lie and listen to My tales of debauchery (I have so many) whilst I make you melt... culminating all over my fingers... 

The Cuckold Queen - £250 p/h
You may have seen some of my older hardcore porn movies, and have been fantasising and waiting for years for Me to offer what was always going to be a world class exhibition of sexual power. Watch Me fuck a hot cock, whilst I look you in your eyes. You will, of course, be bound and have your cock caged. I will torment you physically and verbally, reminding you of how you will never measure up. I do hope you cry. I so love it when boys sob.

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