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I am Goddess Vivienne, a very bossy dreamer, high achiever and hedonist. I am a session Mistress; I prefer to be served in person as opposed to online, either via private sessions or filming days, which are always great fun and of the highest calibre.

A primary reason for this, I believe, is Celestial Studios, my vision for a comprehensive fetish hideaway for the dark, depraved and delicious in East Midlands, where you can become whomever you decide.

I love my Derbyshire luxury lifestyle, my pets & family, both human & animal, and Celestial Studios. It has taken us 3 damned years, but my god, it feels so good to stand in the Suspension Suite and look around, enjoying what had only ever existed in my imagination prior to the hard work and love from some incredible friends and loved ones.

You can get lost in so many kinky head spaces, and I can offer almost any kind of session. I have never had to go somewhere else for a particular scenario. This is wholly down to the tireless hard work of my team. You are the arteries and veins, and I remain ever humbled and grateful. My family. Thank you.

When I am not in the studio hosting visitors (or parties, more recently), I like to tour Edinburgh & Milton Keynes, session from amazing dungeon and medical facilities, and see dear friends and mentors.

I also sell kinky content and have been a fetish model for 6 years. I love working with sexy females (and males) who are kinky and naughty, so please get in touch if you would like to film.

Oh, and I love gold. Therefore, I am part Goddess, part pirate and part dragon...

I look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to take a look around. If you would like to apply for an appointment, please text or email me; it’s less invasive than a phone call initially and I require advanced notice.

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