Here you will find the latest info on My whereabouts, various kinky ventures and famous fetish visitors (other Mistresses and professional slave girls), mostly in Derby at Celestial Studios, and very occasionally in Milton Keynes and Edinburgh.

We are always hosting visitors at Celestial Studios, and having regular parties. Please text or email to apply for realtime and authentic servitude either in a session or at a party. 

+44 7527 787 185

Please text to apply initially; it is less invasive than a phone call. I do offer DIRECT CHAT after 9pm if you wish to discuss the session in detail.


Dear Goddess Vivienne,

Our session Monday evening was sensational. You are so very kind, friendly, skillful, beautiful, and ever so slightly evil (ha ha). You took great care to ensure the smell of leather filled my nostrils often. The suspension alternated between unpleasant and arousing, but you showed me mercy, and the rest of the time was nothing but wonderful. You stretched my limbs to their limits, but I came away undamaged. Thank you for allowing the boot worship, not just with my mouth but with my hands. The tight, secure gags were delectable. Your teasing touch was perfect. The pieces of soft leather you employed felt amazing. The mountain of leather you piled onto me at the end felt terrific. I wanted it all to last and last.

I will definitely make an effort to see you again in the future, though it is likely to take several years.

With warmest feeling and memories,

The Hunt

My thanks to the whole team there at CS for a truly memorable experience on Saturday/ Sunday, you were all superb but there are some special mentions, first Vivienne, you read the situation beautifully and played your part to a tee without any prompting on my part, superb! And then there is the wonderfully spiteful pairing of Mika and Kiki who destroyed me not once, but 1 C twice in one night with a suitably public degree of humiliation and display of punishment befitting the circumstances.

Finally there is the bar lady (Chels?), that poor girl probably needs counselling having been roped into plaving a part in my later punishment c and then having sat through over an hour of my being whipped, upon hearing me gasp that I needed a drink after being taken down, she jumped up and prepared a very much needed rum and coke, that girl is an absolute star. Please ensure that my comments are conveyed to the parties concerned and I' be back for more soon! 


Hello Goddess, just to say a huge thank you for organising such an event and allowing me to attend and for the chat/play too. I had a wonderful time and will definitelv be back - if I am allowed Goddess?

Whip Worship

Firstly, I want to apologise for my tardiness, and the delay in sending this email. I should have sent this soon after the workshop and respected everyone's time better.

Everything was perfect, thank you again for catering such a informative, fun & useful workshop for my Mistress. We both thoroughly enjoyed it. Mistress Vivienne l'Amour was incredibly knowledgeable and a great teacher.

I very much appreciate the new skills she is acquiring and it was an honour to be whipped by you both.

Loved the space, and looked like a very fun place to play. The parties sound great!

Thank you again, for such a nice experience throughout.


Thank you again for having us. You're such a great teacher and made us both feel very at ease. I didn't expect to be able to use such a long whip by the end of it, let alone also be able to crack it... and nicely slice my subs flesh. I really enjoyed being able to practice on him with your guidance throughout. Thank you for being so generous with your time too, it was very much appreciated.

Video Reviews

Hi Goddess!

just saying i really liked your lift and carry video with damazonia. i prefer seeing really skinny people being carried easily and my favorite carries are shoulder rides.

hope vou do more in the future!


The porn: a slave is bound taut and has his balls squeezed and pulled at, before being slapped around and then secured in a humbler. He is then scratched and clawed from neck to sack, marking him as her property. He is then affixed to a scaffold style spanking bench (I think) giving ample access to both his holes.

The is then progressively throat and ass raped with a strapon whilst being chocked and degraded. The slave finally O gives up in his attempt to resist and fight the ensuing cock barrage to his slut hole, and notably drops his tense stature, accepting both his fate and defeat. The humbler is then removed, but the relief is short lived, as his balls are bound in rope, with it pulled taut up his back, pulling backwards his excuse of a cock. He is then milked like a cow whilst being verbally degraded and bitten on his butt cheeks. When he reaches climax, the Dom does not relent, focusing more intensely on the cockhead giving him an over stimulating post orgasm torture release. He is then left to dangle xXX

Under the Control of a Goddess

Upon entering the room I was instructed to remove my clothes and advised that I should not grow complacent and that a good first impression does not equate to anything more than that. I still had a lot to prove and would be expected to do just that in order to remain in Mistresses good graces. Mistress was pleased that I had presented myself in an appropriate manner and liked the fact that I take pride in my appearance although I get the feeling it is because of this that she was emanating an exceptionally mischievous aura as I'm sure she had plans for me...


Dear Goddess Vivienne,
Thank you so much for the session on Friday – it was absolutely fabulous (appropriate given my new name is Patsy!). You asked me if I would write a review, which I’m more than pleased to do - so here goes..


First of all, I told you, I was really surprised by your sweetness and, although impressed and therefore a little stressed at first, by your simplicity.
You immediately put me at ease and I understood why Mistress Nikky and Goddess Anstaxia appreciate you so much.
I really didn't know what to expect and I was more than pleasantly delighted.

The Monthly Multi Mistress Party

“Why don’t you join us for Multi? “

This is what the lovely Zuzana asked when I tried to book my next session with the most amazing Goddess Vivienne. At that point I wasn’t quite sure yet, as so far I had only played 1:1 and it felt like quite a big step to expose myself as sissy Lagertha to a bigger group. Zuzana knew how to convince me though and proceeded by sending through some pictures of all the wonderful Ladies that would attend and in turn have fun with me. How could I refuse?!


Hello Mistress Vivienne,

Very late but here is my return on this incredible session with The Scandal Sisters and You.

First of all, I told you, I was really surprised by your sweetness and, although impressed and therefore a little stressed at first, by your simplicity.
You immediately put me at ease and I understood why Mistress Nikky and Goddess Anstaxia appreciate you so much.
I really didn't know what to expect and I was more than pleasantly delighted...

Surpassing perfection

After 3 amazing sessions with Goddess over the last couple of years, I thought I had experienced the very best of what BDSM has to offer to me. However, as Goddess says Herself, She likes to take things a bit further each time and today She certainly again surpassed what I believed to be perfection already!

Double Submission

As I was met with a smile and quickly introduced to my other sub kiki for todays session. It started off with us both being tied up facing each other. The closeness was great and things stated to stir. Before we got to comfortable miss Vivienne started ensuring we were behaving with a few strikes of the paddle and whip. This started to get the juices going before Miss harder on kiki more than me. I held her tight and she to me. After this we were made to lie on the floor being tied together in such a way that if I moved I would cause pain to kiki but she had a free hand and was ordered to masturbate in front of my eyes, superb. It was not over as we were released just before she came. Wow what came next I was told to put on a strapon and with kiki lying on the table told to use it as if it were mine. Well going for it by going deep caused kiki to squirm a few times but i did get it all in. It then time for the reverse as kiki wore it and she get her own back. All this time Miss Viviene ensured we obeyed her instructions on what to do. Finally after being sat on by Miss I was allowed to come. What an experience that was and I thanked them both for the session

Dear Goddess,  

I can't believe that our last session was already back in June, but I hope You don't mind me still writing a story about it! In fact, I must have gone completely crazy, because I've just spent a night in Bristol dressed up as lagertha (but then more decent 😉), just to get myself into the mood 🙂 


Already for months I was longing to see Goddess again and to be under Her total control. When the time was finally there, I was so unbelievably nervous. On my way to the dungeon my heartbeat went mental, but when I finally got there and saw the beauty of Goddess again, all the stress immediately left my body. ...

Dear Viv & Novellus,

I know, time flies and it has been a while since our wonderful 4-day session in July. I have waited for a time to sit down and reflect on everything we did - well now I found it .

Every single day since mid-July You have been on my mind and in my heart. When I go to bed, when running, when relaxing. I love it, you are like the essence of life and whenever my mind touches you, I feel elevated, calm and a little thrilled all at the same time...

Dear Mistress Vivienne,

Firstly, please let me apologise for taking so very long to report back to You on our session, which despite my tardiness i do hope was the first of many. Since I knelt for You it seems that I have been avalanched with problems that have come at me from all angles though I do recognise that this is no excuse and I can only commit to do better in the future. After we sessioned, Mistress, You asked me to provide some form of feedback and so here it is, and rest assured please that whilst some time had passed I have thought of little else since...

Darkside Magazine Interview

  • Please tell us about Yourself


I am a youthful yet experienced 27 year old Professional British Dominatrix, hedonist and long term lifestyle kinkster and serial sadist from Derby. I discovered the sex industry when I was at university; watching ‘Secret Diaries of a Call Girl’ starring Billie Piper, I thought, ‘I could do that. It could be fun’. Who knew where it would lead?


Subsequently, I worked as a kinky escort for a couple of years whilst I learned the business, and then graduated to becoming a fully fledged Dominatrix in my eyes at 22, in 2014. I have had 4 double set playspaces over the years in the East Midlands, in a penthouse apartment and outbuildings. They were extensively equipped, as I am an avid toy collector, but not on the scale I had long envisaged. 


In 2016, I finally acquired Celestial Studios, my project of a lifetime. I have been working extremely hard for the past 3 years, with the help of my incredible subs, slaves, sissies, friends and family to take a 400 year old warehouse that was totally bare and falling to pieces, and turn it into a kinky palace of debauchery. I am excessively proud to say that ‘WE DID IT!’ Celestial Studios is a one of a kind play space with several USP’s. The sets include:


  • Barbie’s Sissy Parlour

My collared sissy has worked tirelessly on the studio for the past three years, so I thought it only fair to name the Sissy Suite after her. Contains: Full crossdressing attire, lingerie, breasts, shoes, wigs, gloves and accessories. Various anal training and chastity toys. Soft furnishings and a dressing screen. 


- Correction Cell

12m sq steel barred cell with locking door. Contains: pillory, scold’s bridle, steel bunk, suspension gibbet cage and manual hoist. 


- Cuckold Chamber

9m sq bedroom with 4 poster adjustable steel bondage bed with stocks, drapes and a detachable spanking bar.


- Dressing Parlour

Walk in wardrobe filled with crossdressing attire. 


- Dungeon

84m sq dungeon with mood lighting and Bose sound system. Apparatus includes: A frame, bed, cages, CBT gallows, Fetters spanking bench, F Machine & mirror, orgasm tower (steel), single bar cage, St. Andrew’s Cross, throne, trample board and more.


- Medical Suite

12m sq mirrored ceiling chamber with mood lighting. Dental chair or Gynae bench and steel sink  


  • Padded Cell (opening March 2020)

A white anti-escalation cell, complete with fully padded pu leather walls and floor. Ideal for sensory deprivation and extended confinement.  


- Pony Arena with Stable


48m sq of sandy Manège with dressage letters and jump. 


6m sq stable with basic tack, rubber matting and shavings 


  • The Red Room

In homage to 50 Shades of Grey, We have a space with a SuperKing bed, and all manner of BDSM toys, including: canes, crops, floggers, paddles, whips, a fucking machine and other more intimate goodies. This is very popular with swingers and adult models who wish to hire a film/playspace


- Schoolroom


12m sq with blackboard, dunce corner, library, rocking horse, vintage leather top desk & implements 


- Shibari Suspension Suite 


65m sq with suspension frame and other pieces to be added as work progresses.


It is my dream come true, and allows me to make the fantasies of all my boys and girls a reality; what could possibly be better than that?


In the next few years, I hope Celestial Studios becomes a bubbling hub for all manner of fetish/kink positive and swinging events in the East Midlands. I celebrated the opening party of the studio on Friday 13th December 2019, and it was a raging success. All the guests loved the performances, the organisation, the space and the complimentary food, drinks and goodie bags. I am hosting the next big extravaganza in March. 


I am also super excited to announce that Domina Liza and I will be pioneering a new event called ‘Amazonia - Where Women Become Warriors’ on 16th Feb, aimed at everyone who is interested in playing in a FemDom environment. I have just finished the advert for Fetlife and the mailing list. Here are the details:


Amazonia - Where Women Become Warriors


Sunday 16th February


2pm - 8pm 


Celestial Studios Derby


£15 entry


Dominant Ladies, and the wonderful individuals that serve You, 


We respectfully invite You to join Us at Celestial Studios for an afternoon of pampering and entertainment. Your subs, slaves and sissies are most welcome; they will please & entertain Us. Unowned subs are invited to serve and enjoy the presence of Superior Females.


We are two Alpha Women who envisage a hub where We, as Women who love worship, can come together to enjoy a celebration of Female Supremacy, slave games and unified sadistic pleasure. 


We propose the following schedule:


  • 2pm - 3pm - Meet and Greet 


A complimentary drink and snacks will be provided, your coats can be taken to the cloakroom. Ladies, please add your Name to the guest book for the ceremony later, and make Yourselves at home; feel free to grab any unoccupied men, should You desire any assistance. Submissives & slaves, please collect your wristbands.


Green - Unowned & eager


Amber - Unowned but a little nervous


Red - Owned 



  • 3pm - 4pm - Compliments Ceremony (in the top floor dungeon)


Each Lady will be announced, is invited to sit on the throne & have Her photograph taken. All the submissive males and sissies will then be offered an opportunity to respectfully approach, and pay Her a compliment. 


The Ladies are then invited to have Their photograph taken as a group.


The unowned submissives will then be lined up, and the Mistresses may, if They so choose, bestow each one with a task for the evening, one that they must complete before 6pm. 


  • 4pm - 5pm - The Talent Show (in the Shibari Suite downstairs)


Submissives are invited to mimic the Birds of Paradise and offer a seductive dance/song/poem to entertain the Ladies. Trophies will be awarded for the following:


  • Biggest Talent
  • Most Entertaining
  • Best Dressed 


5pm - 6pm - Train Your Pet (in the top floor Pet Play Space)


All Ladies will be invited to either become a Pet Handler, or to recline and watch whilst other subs attend to Their desires.


All submissives will be invited to either engage in some obedience training, or to attend efficiently to the Ladies needs.


6pm - 6.30pm - The Disciplinary


Naughty boys, girls and pets will be sent to Headmistress’ Office, where they will be suitably chastised by Domina Liza, Mistress Vivienne & the Ladies, or will be allowed a reward instead, dependent on the Ladies’ preference. 


6.30pm - 8 pm - Playtime (all spaces will be opened)


You are invited to play with any submissives who have taken Your fancy, and to enjoy play as You decide.  There is ample equipment, apparatus and implements provided for You to indulge in any pleasures You may desire. Subs, please make yourselves useful, and remain respectful at all times. 


We look forward to seeing You all there.



  • How did You get into being a Pro Domme?


From being 6/7 years old, I would watch films such as Braveheart, Spartacus and Ben Hur. This meant that I started to bubble inside when I bore witness to a whipping scene, a person in chains, punishment and class divides. My earliest fetish moment that I can remember is being 11 years old, standing on my bed and pretending that I had been captured and become a slave in a foreign land, taken away from my family and was about to be sold at a slave auction. I would envisage the faces and leering eyes of the traders as they bid on me, and I would then imagine being taken away in chains, thrust myself down on the bed and proceeded to rub myself on the mattress and it felt really good. After that, well, I have always been a highly sexed and hedonistic creature, and using my mind and body to entice, punish and manipulate individuals into indulging me sexually has always been the perfect fit for me. I am a sexual sadist, and have been both a submissive and switch in scenes previously, so I have plenty of experiences of my own to draw from when I am empathising with my subs, sissies, slaves, and bottoms.


  • How long have You been a Pro Domme and have You seen many changes in that time?


I had earned my stripes and became a well known Professional Dominatrix in 2014 after keeping my head down for a couple of years, taking my time to learn the ropes and develop my own style. I never had a mentor initially, although I have several now, nor did I meet any other Dominant Ladies until 2014, when I met Dirk from He liked my look and style and invited me to shoot together in Germany. We made some fabulous content, and I realised that being in front of a camera, as well as doing a private session in my dungeon was a calling for me. Dirk introduced me to some amazing mistresses such as: Mistress Johanna, Mistress Susi, Ezada Sinn and Lilse Von Hitte etcetera. Once I began shooting for some of the bigger FemDom companies, Dirk then put me forward to go and work at the English Mansion with Mistress Sidonia Von Bork for The English Mansion, and it has been my honour to film with Her and Dominant Dolly several times over the years, and Mistress Sidonia definitely holds a very special place in my heart. She, along with Domina Liza, Domina Sara, Mistress Amrita, Mistress Athena, Mistress Celeste, Mistress Eclipse, Mistress Inka, Mistress Julia Taylor, Mistress Lilse Von Hitte and many other incredible Ladies have inspired me and helped me to learn and grow as a Lady, and as a human. 


I am not hugely into scene parties (unless I am organising them, as I am a bit of a control freak) so I cannot comment too much on the changes within our contemporary BDSM society. I have noticed an emergence of independent content from models and sex workers which is really exciting, and the advance of technology has meant that VR porn is becoming possible; I did my first scene recently for The English Mansion. I believe it is now live on their site, which is well worth subscribing to for the creme de la creme of FemDom porn.


 I would also say that OnlyFans is an extremely interesting resource, one that I intend to delve further into forthwith. There are some amazing parties around these days; I particularly enjoy Torture Garden Brighton, as I am honoured to rope bunny for the amazing Mistress Amrita on occasion, TG Edinburgh, & The FemDom Ball. ZDR parties and The German Fetish Weekend are on my to do list for 2020.


My own developments and self awarensss have been significant since I began in this amazing world. Being 20 when I started out, I was young and voracious. I have since learnt to (somewhat) temper my appetite, and my own expectations of myself, so as not to over stretch and burn out. I have an amazing set of long term kinky friends and mentors who are instrumental in my learning and development; there are too many to list. I feel that I have grown into a successful entrepreneur in my own right, and force to be reckoned with, both physically and psychosocially.


  • What is it that makes You different from the others?


My brain. I am extremely emotionally intelligent, intuitive, versatile and KIND. I have an insatiable desire to please and care for others. I am usually the life and soul of the party, very fun and pretty popular, but also creatively sadistic. I have the best team behind me that I have selected and earned over a period of several years. I focus on helping each individual and showing love, and that is why I now possess one of the best studios around, the most all encompassing custom fetish space I have ever seen. I go big or go home. I am unpredictable. I am witty and sharp. I am also an all natural English rose with no tattoos (a rarity) who is equally comfortable in the Royal Enclosure at Ascot or Download Heavy Metal Festival (I attend these, and other events with my fabulous subbies).


I am a hedonist, not merely a Dominant. I am a predator, I take what I want. I am greedy. I adore women and have several submissive girlfriends who I play and film with often. I am pretty skilled with a whip, thanks to Tony Essentia and Domina Sara for their continued tuition, love and guidance.


I love getting my hands dirty. I have a space at Celestial Studios for every fetish, my toy collection is epic. I have an outfit collection that far exceeds my years in the business. I understand addiction, having struggled with gambling, sex, food and drugs in the past. I am a great role model as I have come through so much adversity and continue to triumph. I am a force to be reckoned with, and intimidate most people with my old soul, killer curves and razor sharp tongue, but I am also a genuine, sometimes humble, kind and loving lady who lives this as a lifestyle, both as a Domme and as a sub, as I believe the dynamic with each individual person needs to be completely subjective, and I love to tick all of my multiple personalities’ boxes. You only get one life after all.


  • When did You first realise You were a Dominant Female, and when did the knowledge manifest itself?


I have always been a leader. At school and in all extracurricular activities and sports, (of which there were a few, as I was pushed hard, and had the cliched Irish catholic upbringing), I was always team captain. I was, and am, talented, sympathetic, a great team player, supportive but fierce and set a good example to have courage and strength. I dominated my GCSE and A Level exams with 12A* and a B in German, and all As at A Level. I ran my own choir at school. My dogs are impeccably well behaved because they are never alone (that’s what house boys are for, right?), and also because I train them through love and encouragement, rather than mere retribution. I am the leader of the pack. It’s in my blood.


  • What would You say is the prime attribute that makes You a Dominant Woman?


Pure empathy. It can be a curse, as I often struggle to disassociate myself with my wards’ trials and tribulations, but I love to be helpful and to improve attitude and self worth. I also love to see those under my tuition succeed and triumph. I am a fixer of birds with broken wings, and have several success stories to my name. One of which is my house slave, who has become a man, and the remarkable improvements to his life that we have achieved together make me feel proud every day. Slave John, Barbie, Pebbles, Dobby, Jocelyn Jane and all the babies make me so proud and I love you all dearly. I would be in limbo without you.


I am also a sadist; I get a surge of adrenaline and pure endorphins/dopamine when I use the whip, paddle, cane, flogger etc. I adore concocting rituals where my masochists suffer deliciously for me, but never push them over the edge. I am essentially a therapist and a matriarch.


  • Do Your slaves come from any particular area of society or is it a cross section?


My slaves all have their own strengths and weaknesses, but they are completely across the board, from professors and pilots to more blue collar professionals. I see ladies infrequently too, and have a collection of gorgeous couples that I session with too. I mainly session in Derby, so am well situated for people travelling from all over the country. I often visit Edinburgh too, and have a plethora of interesting and gorgeous subbies that I session with up North.


I enjoy dominating men and women, but I do prefer sexual acts with a woman, such as kissing and penetration; we are so much more beautiful and sensuous. I love seeing couples, and have recently met one who I want be their permanent third wheel, so let’s see how that goes!


  • What kinds of punishments do You use?


This ranges from sensory deprivation and being caged and ignored to sadistic corporal punishment, electrics, to being humiliated or enjoying some forced bi.

I have a VAST array of punishment equipment, and am currently having a rack made for my prison cell. I possess all manner of canes, tawse, paddles, floggers, whips, etc. My studio is one of the most comprehensibly equipped I have ever seen, and I am relatively well travelled, having done the fetish touring and scene in Germany, much of Europe and Florida on a good few occasions. 


  • What is Your favourite fetish?


Fur, Boots, Rope, Leather and Breath Play (in that order)


  • What does a D/S relationship look like to You?


I could go on forever going into the particulars of the varying dynamics I have with my boys and girls.


Let me focus solely on my collared slaves and sissies.


We speak daily or very regularly. They are useful and I police their education and development, encouraging and rewarding good deeds and achievements, driving them forward towards the goals we have set together, and punishing them in a suitable and deterring fashion when they fall short of my expectations.


  • If someone asked You to take them past their limits, would You?


All aspects of BDSM are progressive. I don’t use safe words, as I don’t feel that I need them, and I believe that a true dominant is able to ease through limits and address them safely, sympathetically and gradually, and over time the limits are surpassed in a pleasure and proud manner. We then continue to work upwards, and with trust, truth and understanding, I feel that all ceilings can be broken through if the sub is willing. If they are not, then we change onto something more enjoyable for all, unless there has been a prior agreement to test the sub fiercely.  I always stress to mistresses and kinksters who come to me for advice to take their time and regularly assess reactions. It is better to leave a slave wanting you to push them a little further in a future session/scene rather than have them running for the hills, for everyone’s sake.


  • How important is aftercare to You?


Before, during and after session care is at the heart of everything I believe in. I was lucky enough to be invited to be a presenter at the Rome BDSM Conference a few years ago; my seminar was centred around gauging reaction, subjectivity and aftercare. All manner of care throughout and afterwards is fundamental. There are several post scene considerations which must be accounted for immediately after a scene (emotionally or physically), and provisions for a delayed onset reaction/sub-drop must be catered for. I always keep blankets and sugary items nearby, and obviously the Dominant should already be made aware of any pre existing medical conditions, both physically and psychologically, before engaging in any play.


  • Is there anything in the BDSM world that You haven’t done yet that You wish You could do?


I would like to shoot with and Club Dom in the future, and some of my favourite riggers, both as a rigger and a bunny. Rope is a real love of mine. You can never really conquer or exhaust it as a stimulating resource. I would also like to hit some more fetish weekends such as Montreal, and to host a French Chateau style party one day, like in ‘The Story of O’. I have so many things on my to do list, I won’t bore you with them all! I am a greedy Goddess.


  • How do You perceive the lifestyles as being viewed by mainstream society?


I recently had my studio opening party in December, and I invited a cross section of my vanilla and kink friends to join me at CS. We had around 70 guests, varying from equestrians, dental practitioners, school and uni friends, as well as sissies, masochists, mistresses, crossdressers, people into feet. It was a scream, and everyone was super respectful and curious. Some vanilla, or new to kink friends as I prefer to call them, watched in awe at Christian Red’s rope performance and the fire demos, some got involved and enjoyed some new activities, but everyone was fascinated. A friend of mine was saying to me only last night in fact, as we are discussing arranging a high end swinging party over the coming months, that all vanilla people, no matter whether they like it or not, find some aspects of BDSM sexy, whether to watch or participate. 


I am completely proud of my profession and vocation, am always open and honest with all my friends, family, and strangers who I meet, and they all seem fascinated and impressed, some are even quite envious. Everyone has a million questions about all aspects of the industry, I dispel myths and confirm legends, and usually we depart with them having a new found respect for kinksters and sex workers. I am an advocate in the civilian world for all of us filth monsters. The world is changing outlook for the better, and becoming ever more accepting of their own, and our desires. I am truly proud of all we have achieved as a scene and a community, and hope that we can continue to engage, enlighten and inspire others to get out of their box and into the pit of perversity.



  • How do You feel about the way that Pro Dommes get portrayed in the media?


Speaking from my own personal experiences, I have always been treated with respect by any mainstream media companies; I have been approached by both TV and radio on a number of occasions to take part in documentaries, and in the past I have always politely declined, as I want to make sure that I was confident that this was to be my profession for life before diving in, nor do I have any desire to force myself on people who may not necessarily want to hear about all my kinky exploits, little old ladies listening to BBC Radio Derby for example. I thought I would spare them my debauchery, however, I feel that women are being inspired and empowered both by the online and more old school media platforms, and I feel that the media are taking an increasingly inclusive and exciting view of our world. 


  • Do You consider Yourself as being a Dominatrix in all aspects of Your life or do You separate this from a more vanilla life?


I have multiple personalities, all under the same exterior umbrella, and I love all parts of myself these days; that only came with time, understanding and deep soul searching to reach complete acceptance, especially in a world where we are constantly faced with airbrushed images and the media’s warped concept of beauty and perfection. I am a normal girl who enjoys the outdoors and having everyday fun with friends and family, but most of the time, I am bossy and strong.


In my personal life, I have several relationships and consider myself to be poly-amorous. I have relationships with couples, sub girls, collared slaves, other mistresses both as a fellow top, and as their sub in a few cases, so I would say that although I can be many different things to different people in my life, I am always open and honest and don’t have to hide anything from my friends or family. The gory details are kept secret, of course, but I am an exhibitionist at heart, a vigilante, and a pioneer in that I ingratiate people into my life, and they must then accept all sides of me. In the studio, in session or on film, I am always Goddess Vivienne, but in private, I can be a slutty sub girl, a completely vanilla snuggle muffin, or a bratty 27 year old princess who wants the world and won’t stop until she gets it.


  • What do You like to do in Your spare time?


I am a complete workaholic so have very little spare time, between managing session applications, sessions, correspondence, social media marketing and management, my collared slaves and their daily needs, my parties and the studio renovations, I have little time to relax. I get so many emails and am blessed with several wonderful subs, so I have to keep up or my phone can quickly get on top of me, and I am always super focussed on keeping up so as not to offend anyone. Sometimes, I can’t manage to get back to everyone as urgently as they would like, but my close ones have all been forced to learn patience since serving me. 


I love golf, horse riding, fishing, outdoor swimming and hiking with the dogs. I love all competitive sport and can hold my own against the lads in most things. I am also an avid reader, musician and do some modelling and writing when I can, both poetry and prose.


  • Besides Your love of all things domination, what are Your other loves in life?


My dogs, Diesel and Beryl, who share my bed every night. They are my world. My friends and family. I am blessed with more than two hands full of incredibly talented, beautiful and inspirational friends and role models whom I adore.


  • If You were not doing this, what other career would You like to have?


There is nothing I would rather do. Period. I have the qualifications to become a laywer, or go back to uni to do veterinary science or marine biology, which I love, but I think I would be a scholar or have a dog boarding kennels or maybe work in a mental asylum. Being a poker dealer in Cancun, Mexico at a friend’s casino would be quite fun too!


  • What satisfies You the most about being a mistress?


I love the ease of life. I have a kinky family who always make sure I want for nothing. They are incredible. I love the prestige that my clips and studio have achieved. I love the positive impact that I have on so many lives. I love being able to be my most arrogant self, and to be loved and worshipped for it. I never have to lie or pretend or hide; I am proud of myself because of those who serve me. Without them, I am nothing.


  • What is Your personal motivation to work as a Dominatrix?


Nobody does it quite like me. I have a very special mind and enigmatic soul, or so I am told. If Vivienne l’Amour and Celestial Studios weren’t in Derby, I think the world would be a poorer place. 


  • Anything else You would like to mention?


I would like to share with you an email from a slave that I received this morning detailing our session. It has made me feel very proud and aroused to read this. I hope you will enjoy it too. Thanks so much for reading. I have been known to go on a bit. ;)

Testimonial - Dobby

Dear Goddess,

It was my pleasure to christen your suspension frame and give my body as your birthday gift. As I trust you implicitly, I decided to allow you to set the limits of our session and wondered how many of my limits you'd push...!

Thanks so much,



Dear Goddess,

First of all my sincerest apologies that it took me a whole month to write this story, especially as our 3 hour session together was by far the best Domme experience I've ever had; you are such an intuitive and natural Goddess! Although I’m normally not a writer, I had great pleasure putting this down on paper and I hope that this is what you meant when you asked me to share my experiences. I do apologise for my English, as expressing feelings in a non-native language turned out to be hard! 

After booking our session for more than a month in advance, the day had finally come. I was going to meet the gorgeous Goddess, trust her with my biggest secrets and give her full control of my body and mind. This was a very big step for me and I couldn’t have been more nervous and excited at the same time!

When I arrived at her professional studio, Goddess had just arrived as well and we went in at the same time. The beauty of Goddess was overwhelming, but she put me at ease very quickly. After a brief conversation about my do’s and don’ts, Goddess very fluently turned me into her slut slave. We first went into her sissy room and I felt amazed to see her extensive wardrobe. She was sharing her thoughts out loud and had lots of fun, as she was considering what she would make me wear. The one outfit was even more sexy and girly than the other and at this point I knew I was at her mercy and that really turned me on! She finally selected stockings, high heels and decided that I was going to wear a brown leather corset. Although I felt very humiliated, I couldn’t wait to put it on (I have a real fetish for leather, latex and everything shiny and tight!).

On our way to the upstairs dungeon, we passed the amazing stables. Immediately I fantasised about how great it would feel to be Goddess’s pony, but Goddess decided that this was not for now. When we arrived to the dungeon, Goddess told me to put on the clothes she picked, complemented with a wig and boobs. At this point I was even passed feeling humiliated! In the meanwhile Goddess changed into a magnificent red leather play suit; what an amazing body! She then helped me into the corset and made sure I wore it as tightly as possible. No additional ropes needed, as I felt totally constrained already. After making me take a good look at my slutty self in the mirror, she guided me towards the wooden frame.

When we arrived to the frame, I found myself in quite a predicament. Facing the frame, my arms were tied behind my back in a leather arm binder. A chain with nipple clamps made sure that I couldn’t move away from the frame. Goddess came up with a very genius construction where a rope connected the end of the leather arm binder to a leather parachute tied around my balls and cock. This meant that whenever I moved my arms, I was basically putting strain on my balls. Goddess also made me wear a very pretty gas mask, of which the glass kept steaming up due to all my excitement. While fighting the pain in my calf muscles from having to stand on my sexy high heels, Goddess played me very erotically. I remember her walking around me in her gorgeous red leather suit and me wanting nothing more than touching her, but this was impossible. She kissed my mask with her sexy red lipstick lips, but all I could do was watch. She even made selfies with me in the background. My buttocks also experienced how skilled Goddess is with her stunning, custom made, colourful whip. The pain was masked by the discomfort from the high heels, but with each stroke I felt more powerless and loved Goddess even more! She was clearly having lots of fun and I quickly learned that her lovely laugh meant trouble for me. She decided that I needed to have a girl name and decided that Lagertha would be appropriate for me; a name I shall wear with pride!

Goddess decided that it was time to move on to yet another room and released me from the frame (taking away the nipple clamps was beyond painful!). She asked me if I was claustrophobic and when I said that I wasn’t, she put an inflatable leather hood with an integrated breathing tube over my head. I was so happy, because I had always wanted to try one of these on! Unfortunately, probably due to all the excitement, I was breading so heavily that I couldn’t cope with the small tube and while the mask wasn’t even inflated, I had to ask Goddess to take it off. I don’t like giving up, but luckily Goddess had a fantastic alternative. This time a latex mask, without eye openings, but with full mouth access. Another one of my favorites! This way and still fully cross dressed, she guided me through a few doors and pushed me down onto a leather table. When she fixed my legs in gynecological leg holders and my hands at the sides of the table, I realised I was in her medical room. 

Laying there, with every part of my body fully accessible to Goddess, was heaven to me. At that moment, I must have reached a very high level of subspace. I started to tremble and remember very intense emotions. Even my memories from this part of the session are blurred and I can’t recall the exact order in which everything happened. At the start, Goddess skillfully hooked me up to an electro device, I believe with pads on both my balls and my cock. I did experience electro before, but never this intense. At the one hand the contraction of muscles caused by the electric pulses were painful, but on the other hand the pulses made me feel like I was getting a blowjob; such contradiction! I was helplessly groaning with every set of pulses. With my tong I remember feeling that my mask had a stiff ring around the mouth opening, making sure that Goddess had full access to my mouth. For some time my mouth was even kept open by a Jennings gag. Again a device I never experienced before, but absolutely loved. Goddess was regularly spitting in my mouth and if I could have spoken, I would have begged her for more. While all of this was going on, she also tried various butt plugs on me; both vibrating and electro. To make penetration easier, she gave me a few doses of poppers, supplied via a medical mask inhaler. She turned me into a real fan of medical play here! For Goddess I happily took the strong pain associated with taking some of these plugs out. At some point, Goddess removed the mask, so that I could see the peculiar situation I was in. However, all I could focus on was her. She was still moving around very erotically in her beautiful red leather play suit and every now and then showing me a bit more of her divine body. Being teased to such extend and still feeling the ‘blowjob’ from the electro play, I begged Goddess to turn of the electric pulses as I was afraid that I would come without permission. She told me I wouldn’t and quickly tried to give me a dose of nitrous oxide, but it was too late. I couldn’t believe I had come without her even touching me, but at the same time it was such a wonderful, out of this world experience! 

Goddess was quick to point out that if this wouldn’t have happened, she might have let me worship her. Luckily, she told me earlier that she would let me come in suspension and she quickly moved on to make it her mission to still let that happen. She got undressed completely, freed up one of my hands and allowed my finger to carefully enter her vagina. I felt so privileged to admire her full body and to see her gorgeous bottom from that close. I even got to taste her juices as she instructed me to suck my finger. Clearly she was still having lots of fun and it didn’t take too long for my cock to harden again. 

In this state, she took me downstairs into her prison cell. I had to lie down on a soft table, hands tied on my front and still wearing my tight corset. She made me wear feet suspension cuffs and before I knew it I was hanging upside down. I had no energy left in me and I was in total obedience of Goddess. I remember being moved around, licking her feet and again admiring Goddess, but this time from underneath. I didn’t know what was coming when she moved me really close to her and all of the sudden I got a very powerful shot of her champagne right over my face and even into my nose. This must have been the most humiliating moment of the 3 hours,  but at the same time I felt so happy and thankful that Goddess was willing to share this with me. Next moment I remember is being milked and again coming with so much joy. The session ended appropriately with me eating my cum out of her hands.

What a fantastic end to -and I’m not exaggerating- one of the best 3 hours in my life! I really hope you had fun as well and that you will allow me to be your Lagertha again. I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful time! 

Warm regards,

PS. Your whip was more powerful than expected and left red horizontal stripes on my bottom for weeks :-) This required a bit of hiding, but was a small sacrifice to make for the great time you have given me!

FemSub Memories

Please note, if you would like to experience Goddess Vivienne disciplining/playing with a submissive lady, this can be arranged with notice. You may view a list of current submissive girls here. They are all into different aspects of fetish and BDSM.


A Naughty Memory.

Taking two of My femme subs to a local castle at midnight was an unforgettable night that I often live through photos and dreams. I had 3 male submissives keeping watch and holding lights and a camera. I stripped the younger of the girls naked, E, barely 18, and lashed her to the green gates which rose around 20 feet, most ornate, perfectly fitting for what I had planned. E is a masochist. My favourite type of slave. She took pleasure from the look of languid lust in My green snake-like eyes. Comparable to a tiger stalking its prey, and then playing with the creature between its paws, claws not yet out, but ever present, looming, daring dissension or flight...

Slave Neil

Whilst not my first visit to a Pro dom, it was my longest booking, visiting Celestial studios and the stunning Vivienne l’Armour had been on my wish list for a while. After exchanging emails on potential dates, it finally fell into place and a booking was secured. Mistress requested information regarding previous experience and what things I would enjoy. Knowing the range of interests and activities that I would call favourites I carefully and honestly typed and sent the email, trying to be as honest as possible with out creating a script. The email was acknowledged and then silence until the day of the booking when everything was confirmed. The 3 and half hour drive flew by as the mind was buzzing away with all manner of thoughts. Multiple times I thought to my self did I say too much in my email...

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