I am a total whipping and singletail snob. I see almost every mistress using a whip incorrectly, and it is a constant source of concern for Me, and I would like every slave alive to experience a truly skilled specialist with a whip, rather than ghastly welts around the kidney region and messy marks. 

I am ambidextrous with whips and all CP equipment; it came with a great deal of practise. I wield a whip with precision and poise. I can do plenty of fancy tricks and cracks and will begin offering whipping tuition in the spring, once I can get the bullwhips singing outside again. Essentially, whipping is finesse and drama personified. You cam instil terror without leaving a single mark. I can flick a whip around you like a hug, graze your buttock flesh or go to town and leave you with some beautiful marks across your bottom, but no higher or lower unless agreed prior. I love to couple whipping with suspension and inversion to up the ante, but I do have a Fetters Spanking Bench and other more generic manners of administering whipping and other CP discipline.

Vivienne l’Amour & Celestial Studios

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