Dear Goddess Vivienne,

Our session Monday evening was sensational. You are so very kind, friendly, skillful, beautiful, and ever so slightly evil (ha ha). You took great care to ensure the smell of leather filled my nostrils often. The suspension alternated between unpleasant and arousing, but you showed me mercy, and the rest of the time was nothing but wonderful. You stretched my limbs to their limits, but I came away undamaged. Thank you for allowing the boot worship, not just with my mouth but with my hands. The tight, secure gags were delectable. Your teasing touch was perfect. The pieces of soft leather you employed felt amazing. The mountain of leather you piled onto me at the end felt terrific. I wanted it all to last and last.

I will definitely make an effort to see you again in the future, though it is likely to take several years.

With warmest feeling and memories,

Vivienne l’Amour & Celestial Studios

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