Double Submission

As I was met with a smile and quickly introduced to my other sub kiki for todays session. It started off with us both being tied up facing each other. The closeness was great and things stated to stir. Before we got to comfortable miss Vivienne started ensuring we were behaving with a few strikes of the paddle and whip. This started to get the juices going before Miss harder on kiki more than me. I held her tight and she to me. After this we were made to lie on the floor being tied together in such a way that if I moved I would cause pain to kiki but she had a free hand and was ordered to masturbate in front of my eyes, superb. It was not over as we were released just before she came. Wow what came next I was told to put on a strapon and with kiki lying on the table told to use it as if it were mine. Well going for it by going deep caused kiki to squirm a few times but i did get it all in. It then time for the reverse as kiki wore it and she get her own back. All this time Miss Viviene ensured we obeyed her instructions on what to do. Finally after being sat on by Miss I was allowed to come. What an experience that was and I thanked them both for the session

Vivienne l’Amour & Celestial Studios

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