Dear Goddess,

Dear Goddess,  


I can't believe that our last session was already back in June, but I hope You don't mind me still writing a story about it! In fact, I must have gone completely crazy, because I've just spent a night in Bristol dressed up as lagertha (but then more decent 😉), just to get myself into the mood 🙂 


Already for months I was longing to see Goddess again and to be under Her total control. When the time was finally there, I was so unbelievably nervous. On my way to the dungeon my heartbeat went mental, but when I finally got there and saw the beauty of Goddess again, all the stress immediately left my body. She is so gifted and immediately puts a slave like me at ease. After some chatter to start with, we went fluently into our session. Like last time, Goddess deliberated very carefully what I was going to wear. She picked up some shiny boots and fake lashes and as much as I wanted to wear both of these, this wasn't for me this time. Instead, Goddess let me pick between a couple of dresses and of course I went for a transparent rubber one, which was simply out of this world. Goddess complemented the dress with matching rubber tights, a latex full-face mask, a blond long wig, a rubber corset and a very sexy pair of heels. Goddess herself looked stunning as ever, in the most beautiful red, shiny dress that I've ever seen. Her headband with pearls and diamonds kept catching my eyes. I was so excited and couldn't wait for what was going to happen next! 


Goddess sat me down in a wooden chair, gagged and blindfolded. She carefully put me in a rope bondage, tightly secured to the chair, wrists tied in front. I still had no idea what was going to happen. Goddess kept teasing my cock through my dress and I was actually wondering whether She was using her tong or her magical fingers. At that point my mind was already going crazy and all the sudden the whole chair including myself got lifted into the air! What an amazingly exciting experience to find myself in a suspended chair bondage! She then took my cock out from under the dress, spit all over it and kept teasing it. Already at that point I was ready to come. She totally owned me. I was in sub-space and Goddess knew it, but she wasn't going to let me go. She then kept swinging me round and very skillfully used two whips on me. My cock was exploding and I was fantasizing about Goddess sitting down on it. Her movements so sensual and delicate. Goddess took my blindfold off and allowed me to adore Her beautiful body. Then also the gag went and Goddess spitted multiple times right into my mouth and I couldn't have been more honoured and happy to receive Her spit! She made me lick her nipples through the dress, making me want more. And I got more, because Goddess went totally naked, still dancing and giving me the ultimate tease! When She released me out of the chair, I just couldn't believe how well Goddess knows me, because She got this whole thing so fucking right! 


For the next chapter of this session, Goddess made me take my heels off (very much to my disappointment) and put the blindfold back on. She carried me through the dungeon and before I knew it, I found myself on the wheel of torment, which Goddess knew was one of my wishes. I got strapped to it very tightly and the feeling of the leather wheel touching my whole body was amazing. This time however, I wasn't going to be as comfortable as in the chair! Goddess got the electro kit out and very soon I found myself upside down with an electric butt plug in my anus and more electrodes on my cock. I'm not sure what kind of device She used for my cock, but it felt like it went a bit into my penis, although this might have been totally wishful thinking 🙂! The ongoing pulses made it feel like the plug was going deeper and deeper into my body and my cock kept bouncing up and down. I believe Goddess then started a video call with another one of her other fans and I could hear Her magic wand going. I then heard her say on the call that she could do with some background groans and before I knew it she had turned the electric so high that I was almost shouting. Almost unbearable, but as I had no other choice than to surrender to it, very weirdly it almost became pleasurable again. How fantastic was it to see a short video of Goddess dancing in front of me in this predicament on her Twitter! 


Goddess wasn't going to let it stop there. When She took me off the wheel, She kept me blindfolded and guided me up the stairs. My mind was spinning again wondering what was going to happen next. She positioned me, pushed me backwards and before I knew it my ankles were met with metal cuffs. Very soon my arms, wrists and neck followed and I was one with a metal frame, completely unable to move and just standing there. As I'm sure Goddess already knew, I absolutely loved it! A metal bar in-between my legs, pushed my whole body up, squashing my balls and cock. I had to stand on my toes to release a bit of pressure. This metal bar also had -what I believe to be- a magic wand connected to it, at least providing my balls and cock with some happy vibrations. Unfortunately, Goddess then started the most relentless nipple torture that I have ever experienced. The pain just made me scream!  However, being that powerless, all I could do was surrender to it. All the energy just went out of my body and my feet ended flat on the ground again, creating serious further discomfort. Goddess went downstairs and left me suffering. Strangely, despite the threat of Her having another go at my nipples again, I couldn't wait for Goddess to come back and to be in Her presence again. To hear her beautiful voice, or see her remarkable lips... I went into my own world and don't know how long the whole thing took, but at one point I could hear Goddess moving different things around the room. I couldn't have been more intrigued to find out what She was doing!  


Goddess separated my body from the metal frame and again started to drag me round the room. I was still blindfolded and in my beautiful rubber dress, feeling very, very small. She made me crawl into something and it took me quite some time before I worked out what it was (maybe because of everything I had already been through by that point!). I had to squeeze myself in-between two sheets of latex; my mouth positioned right under the only opening in the 2 sheets. Even at that point I still didn't know that I was in a vacuum bed!! I did find this out when Goddess put on the vacuum cleaner. An enormous pop in my ears and pressure all over my body, even causing me to panic for a bit. However, the panic was soon over when Goddess started touching and teasing me again. The bed and the vacuum make this extremely intense. Even though I didn't want to, this made me come within moments. 


Goddess is such a remarkable woman and I still can't believe that She managed to even exceed our first session!! 


With adoration, 

Vivienne l’Amour & Celestial Studios

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