Dear Goddess Vivienne,
Thank you so much for the session on Friday – it was absolutely fabulous (appropriate given my new name is Patsy!). You asked me if I would write a review, which I’m more than pleased to do - so here goes:
I’d visited many mistresses over the years but was really attracted by Goddess Vivienne’s website & the images of Celestial Studios. After arranging the session via email some time in advance, the weeks dragged by & the anticipation built. Finally, the day arrived & it was time. The Studio was easy to find from the directions provided & I was soon nervously ringing the bell at the Studio door. I was initially met by another mistress (who looked stunning) and then Goddess Vivienne appeared. She was everything if not more than I’d expected – even more beautiful in real life. She was very welcoming & quickly put me at ease as we briefly chatted before starting the session.
After reading other reviews, rather than listing specific activities, I’d requested Goddess to create the session as she saw fit – in hindsight that was definitely the right decision. I was quickly led into the dressing room & Goddess selected a suitably slutty outfit for me to wear. It was then taken upstairs to the Golden Emporium, where with clothes & makeup expertly applied, I was transformed into a sissy slut. I simply couldn’t believe it was me when I looked in the mirror. As her new T-girl, Goddess then named me ‘Patsy’.
Things then moved to the floating bondage board where I was restrained with rope. It was both incredibly tight but strangely comfortable. I then received some CP with a flogger & tawse. After that I was secured (immovably) to a frame for breath play with a gas mask, followed by butt-plug & strap-on play. That then continued on a sling where I suffered electrics & a hard pounding, before the session climaxed (in more ways than one) on the floor, being showered in Goddess’s plentiful nectar.
I can honestly say it was the most outstanding session I’ve ever had. From start to finish Goddess was incredibly sensuous & caring but at the same time, demanding. She even managed to keep the session flowing when I passed out twice (much to my embarrassment)! I felt completely safe the whole time in her company. If you’re looking for the experience of a lifetime – make an appointment with Goddess Vivenne L’Amour.
I cannot wait to have the privilege to serve you again Goddess – as you said, there’s so much more to experience!


Vivienne l’Amour & Celestial Studios

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