Slave Neil

Whilst not my first visit to a Pro dom, it was my longest booking, visiting Celestial studios and the stunning Vivienne l’Armour had been on my wish list for a while. After exchanging emails on potential dates, it finally fell into place and a booking was secured. Mistress requested information regarding previous experience and what things I would enjoy. Knowing the range of interests and activities that I would call favourites I carefully and honestly typed and sent the email, trying to be as honest as possible with out creating a script. The email was acknowledged and then silence until the day of the booking when everything was confirmed. The 3 and half hour drive flew by as the mind was buzzing away with all manner of thoughts. Multiple times I thought to my self did I say too much in my email. 

Directions and arrival details were clear. Arriving in good time I was still full of excitement and nerves as reality started to kick in. Before long it was time, I was knocking on the door awaiting my fait. Mistress welcomed me in and checked all was ok. I had mentioned a kidnap style start, and it was clear when Mistress left the next time I would see her, it’s wouldn’t have been so fluffy. I can only say mistress didn’t disappoint. As the footsteps got closer I didn’t know what to feel, the door burst open my hands were roped and head hooded. I have never seen rope restraint so fast and so secure. I was utterly taken. The rest of the session proved to be an amazing experience, the best 4 hours of play I have ever experienced. Mistress really had read and taken into account all of what I had described, making the whole experience so special. I can only praise Mistress and her facilities, and cannot wait for another opportunity to visit. 
Thank you x

Kind Regards
Vivienne l’Amour & Celestial Studios

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