Surpassing perfection

After 3 amazing sessions with Goddess over the last couple of years, I thought I had experienced the very best of what BDSM has to offer to me. However, as Goddess says Herself, She likes to take things a bit further each time and today She certainly again surpassed what I believed to be perfection already!

Today's session had been booked about a month ago and Goddess had been on my mind ever since. Seeing Her divine body in my dreams, fantasizing about what She might have planned for me and following Her amazing creations on Her social media channels. On that social media there was also a post called "the living dolls" and unbeknown to Goddess, that post really intrigued me. I thought it was a bit extreme for a normally straight and masculine guy like me, but it did make my mind wander. How would it feel to be totally objectified and be the ultimate expression of femininity? Not having to be the boss or show my masculinity, but just be and enjoy? Well, despite giving Goddess a long list of interests and not telling or asking anything about this, I was going to find out!!

Goddess received me in a pair of dungarees, which She apologized for, but weirdly I do actually have a thing for dungarees. And besides, Goddess looks stunning no matter what She is wearing. As we went upstairs, She mentioned that She is more selective now when it comes to Real-Life sessions and only accepts the ones She really enjoys. Not only was it great to hear that I'm one of the lucky ones, but it also meant that Goddess was going all-in for this session. Upon entering the dungeon, I saw latex clothes and attributes everywhere. I was still feeling slightly embarrassed and nervous, but it was clear that I'd better get over that and transform into Lagertha quickly. I was told to put on my boobies and Goddess made sure that these were held up nicely with a black latex bra. It was only at this point that it daunted on me how well-prepared Goddess was and that I was actually going to be Her rubber doll!

I got covered in lubricant, preparing me for respectively a translucent latex top, tights and long gloves. Goddess worked very hard to pull all of these clothes over my skin and it was clear that She wanted Her doll to be perfect. I can't describe how amazing it felt to end up having my whole body covered in latex and to see Goddess working on me with so much passion. It did not stop there though and She already warned me that she would layer me. Another black latex top with a white little bow and cute black panties with white frills got added. I started to feel so slutty and turned on that my cock started to peak out of the panties, but Goddess wasn't having any of that. She told me off and swiftly tucked it away in the panties again. She then laced me into a beautiful black corset, which made me feel even more feminine and excited. After considering different masks, I was very happy that Goddess settled on my favourite; a full latex translucent mask. As She zipped me into that mask, I had no skin left and started to feel like a true Barby. The mask got complemented with a long blond hair wig, which Goddess carefully combed into shape. As the mask had some red at the neck, Goddess decided to add a bit more of that colour to my outfit. I got to wear red, shiny, tigh-high boots with high heels and red latex gloves on top of the translucent gloves I was already wearing. At this point the only bits untouched were my eyes and my lips, but Goddess wasn't going to forget about these either. She proceeded gluing on eyelashes and wondered out loud what to do with my lips. She found the most gorgeous red ball gag and let me wear it tightly. With the gag already in, She carefully coloured and thickened my lips with dark red lipstick... Wow! It was at this moment that a switch flipped in my head and all my psychological barriers disappeared: I am a doll, I'm Hers and I will enjoy it!

Goddess was clearly very pleased with Her creation and was smiling as She strapped the most cute and sexy leather rabbit mask with long ears to my head. At this point I was wearing a collar and cuffs and I was standing up straight with both my arms and legs spread out. I was able to admire Goddess' creation in the mirror in front of me and just couldn't believe it was me hidden in all these layers of sexiness. It felt quite safe in all these tight clothes, but soon I discovered that these wouldn't prevent Goddess from reaching to my cock and joyfully attaching some electrics to it. As the electrics made me go from pleasure to discomfort (and actually wanting more!), I saw Her fetching an electric butt plug as well. I was worried that it would be painful to insert, but at the same time I couldn't wait to get it inside of me. Before I knew it, I felt the contractions from the plug and the whole thing just became a magical experience. Not for long though, as my position was becoming really uncomfortable. The ball gag made me drool (pleasingly humiliating 🙂), which filled up the holes in the gag and made it more difficult to breath. I did try to take all of this in my stride, as I watched Goddess change into Her black latex outfit, exposing Her breasts with Her nipples covered by black crosses. With such a wonderful sight, one can only imagine the amount of desire building. In Her outfit, She moved around and against me, as She took both photos and videos. Occasionally giving me a slap against my bottom. As a proper doll, all I could do was just stand there quietly and enjoy the moment of fame. Unfortunately, despite all this distraction, I soon couldn't hide my discomfort anymore and my knees started to shake wildly. Luckily Goddess did take notice and decided to help by tying my legs closely together with rope. This was much better and I was very thankful.

Next up was the floating bondage board. As I hopped on it, the butt plug reminded me of its presence and I could feel some drips of sweat caused by the latex disappearing between my buttocks. The board was secured by chains to the ceiling, which allowed it to swing and gave it a sensation similar to suspension. I got strapped in very tightly by strong leather belts and found myself lying on my back. On a hard flat surface, with my legs still in the rope bondage and my arms secured to the sides of my body by both the wrist cuffs and the leather straps. Being locked in my latex outfit as well, I couldn't have felt more powerless and wondered what Goddess might be up to. She lay down on top of me and started dry fucking my latex panties, demanding that I would look at Her. Occasionally She would spit on my gag and I gratefully swallowed every drop that came through it. I also got acquainted with a latex whip, which blended in nicely with the enormous burst of sensations. As if this wasn't intense and exciting enough, She then also positioned a vibrator wand against my cock. As She was edging me, She made me beg time and time again not to let me cum. I was completely torn. I was ready to explode, but didn't want the whole experience to stop either.

I could barely get up from the board again, but when I did, I was again reminded of the butt plug and at this point the sweat came gushing down. I was told to lie down on the floor, again on my back. Next to me was a tall mirror, put down horizontally, giving me sight of my whole body. Goddess pulled down my panties and tights, making my cock readily accessible. With my wrist cuffs connected to my collar, Goddess folded my arms in a beautiful rope bondage. Same happened with my legs, with my ankles tightly secured to my thighs. These were then pulled up as much as possible, fully exposing my bottom. The removal of the butt plug was a bit uncomfortable, but afterwards Goddess engaged in the most fantastic anal fingering play ever. With all the emotions built during the 3+ hours and the movement of the ropes as I squirmed, it didn't take long for me to come to a very happy ending.

As I was still overwhelmed with emotions, a netball friend of Goddess joined us in the room. At first I couldn't see her, but it was exciting to know that another woman was witnessing me in this special situation. Then, as I was taken out of my bondage and latex clothes, I got to see her and realised that she was very beautiful, cute and well-dressed too! Normal instinct would be to act mainly and impress, but of course in my state that was no option! I just had to go with the flow and that actually felt good too. Interesting additional dimension to an already great session.

Thank You so much for this wonderful experience. You said you want to go a bit further each time, but where can you possibly go from here?!

Your Lagertha

Vivienne l’Amour & Celestial Studios

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