The Hunt

My thanks to the whole team there at CS for a truly memorable experience on Saturday/ Sunday, you were all superb but there are some special mentions, first Vivienne, you read the situation beautifully and played your part to a tee without any prompting on my part, superb! And then there is the wonderfully spiteful pairing of Mika and Kiki who destroyed me not once, but 1 C twice in one night with a suitably public degree of humiliation and display of punishment befitting the circumstances.

Finally there is the bar lady (Chels?), that poor girl probably needs counselling having been roped into plaving a part in my later punishment c and then having sat through over an hour of my being whipped, upon hearing me gasp that I needed a drink after being taken down, she jumped up and prepared a very much needed rum and coke, that girl is an absolute star. Please ensure that my comments are conveyed to the parties concerned and I' be back for more soon! 


Hello Goddess, just to say a huge thank you for organising such an event and allowing me to attend and for the chat/play too. I had a wonderful time and will definitelv be back - if I am allowed Goddess?

Vivienne l’Amour & Celestial Studios

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