The Monthly Multi Mistress Party

“Why don’t you join us for Multi? “

This is what the lovely Zuzana asked when I tried to book my next session with the most amazing Goddess Vivienne. At that point I wasn’t quite sure yet, as so far I had only played 1:1 and it felt like quite a big step to expose myself as sissy Lagertha to a bigger group. Zuzana knew how to convince me though and proceeded by sending through some pictures of all the wonderful Ladies that would attend and in turn have fun with me. How could I refuse?!

I arrived at the studio nervous as hell and was directed into the bar area. There I found the most beautiful Kinksters along with some lucky subs mentally preparing themselves. As I came through the door, straightaway Missy Jane asked me what I was there for today. Although I was way too shy and ashamed to answer, this immediately set the tone for the day. I wasn’t going to be able to hide in any way and if truth be known, nor did I want to! After writing down my favourite kinks, it was time for my transformation.

Goddess had prepared the most amazing pink latex dress, but I was handed to Mistress Molly Chambers and Isla Grey to get me ready. I felt my heart pounding, as I knew it was going to be awkward to get stripped of my masculinity and let go of my pride in front of these stunning Ladies. In the dressing room, in front of others, they started covering my naked body in talcum powder and I got to wear big breast forms. Very carefully they put the prepared latex dress on my body, but despite their best efforts, the dress’s neck got ripped. While Mistress Molly Chambers went away to find a collar to cover this up, Isla Grey sat me down and started applying make-up. Slowly my nervousness started to get replaced by excitement and when Isla Grey’s nipples accidentally got exposed, I couldn’t prevent my cock from hardening and pressing against the latex, which she thought was most amusing :-). Right as Isla Grey was called away for her first fisting experience with another ‘lucky’ sub, Mistress Molly came back with the collar. She finished my make-up, applied fake lashes and made me feel very special by sharing that I was her very first sissy. What an honour!

Mistress Molly Chambers, an incredibly fit and strong Lady, took me by the hands and started parading her creation (i.e. me) around. She clearly enjoyed the whole experience, but I wanted to sink through the floor. I felt so embarrassed, but knew I had no other option than to be a good girl and go with the flow. In the presence of both Missy Jane, Mistress Eclipse and a couple of other subs, I was asked to bend over and she tried to insert a small butt plug. Unfortunately, my nerves still had the upper hand and despite trying really hard, I just wasn’t ready for it yet. Luckily Mistress knew how to solve this and applied a dose of poppers to bring out every bit of my sluttyness. A couple of sniffs made me lose all control and I was beyond horny. All I could think of were these phenomenal ladies around me, combined with the amazing feeling of the latex on my skin. Before I knew it, I felt the butt plug inside of me. With all this excitement, it was too late for a chastity cage, but Mistress still managed to hide my cock in a very tight and glittery thong. All ready for her taking!

Fully prepped, Mistress guided me upstairs. She carefully adjusted the height of a Fetters Sling and ordered me to climb in it. My legs were raised in the air and securely tied to the frame above. On suggestion of Goddess, she used a couple of leather knee cuffs as well to make sure that I kept my legs widely spread. She prepared her strap-on, which was scarily big after my difficulties with the small butt plug, but Mistress said that she couldn't find the smaller ones and therefore this one would have to do. As of then, I was so excited that all my memories are blurry. My body was trembling as I watched Mistress take position. She looked stunningly sexy, with her beautiful breasts visible through the mesh of her black top, but her nipples covered by black cross pasties. She managed to remove the tight thong from between my butt cheeks again, which left my hole fully exposed. The butt plug was out before I knew it, but then I felt a shoot of pain as her big cock was slowly getting inside of me. Intense pain was soon replaced by ultimate pleasure, as she started pegging me harder and deeper. The bouncing of the sling made the penetration even more intense. Like a real slut I couldn't prevent myself from squirming and groaning. I was longing to hold and touch Mistress, but she was out of reach and I was ordered to touch my own breasts instead. As I kept watching her amazing body, I could see Goddess from the corner of my eyes playing with a female sub, making for the perfect setting for such torment!

When I finally could take it no more, Mistress left me in my predicament and went downstairs. Before I knew it, Missy Jane was next to me and started to release me in order to have her own little play with me. Of course I fancied a play with such a naughty Domme as well! However, as soon as I was standing next to the sling, Mistress came back up and now together with the Huntress. The Huntress is another extraordinary Domme and Mistress had planned to let her share in the pegging! I was so sad that now I wouldn't feel her cock inside of me as well, but in all honestly it might have been my saviour as I am not sure that this sissy could have taken any more fucking!

Mistress decided to take me back down and delivered me to Mistress Eclips, who put me on her medical table. Mistress Eclipse was suitably dressed in a latex nurse dress and turned out to be very skilled with both sounds and electrics! Starting out with the sounds, several ladies including the wonderful Isla Grey watched carefully as she made my penis take the sounds. As you can imagine this was rather stressful and I was fighting the pain, while at the same time noticing all the amazing play that was going on around me with some of the other subs. Such contradiction. Only when I managed to relax again the experience became truly pleasurable. I didn't have too much time to enjoy though, because the sounds soon got replaced by electrodes. Not only attached to my cock, but I got an electro butt plug inside of me as well. At times this was crazily stimulating and I had to fight not to cum. At other times the electro was so strong that I was literally left screaming. Then Mistress Eclipse started to restrict my breathing, which made me even more aroused. During this whole ordeal, several of the other Mistresses touched me or had a laugh with me. I can't describe how comforting and warm this felt. Just when it couldn't get any better, Mistress Molly Chamber decided to climb on top of me. She smothered me with her beautiful bottom and simultaneously edged me with her wand. What more could I wish for?

To top off such a magical day, I was moved to the floor again (while getting an enormous shoot of pain as the electro butt plug was removed without turning it off :-)). While Mistress Eclipse pinned my head down with her bottom, Mistress Molly Chambers sat down on top of me again and supported by her wand, very swiftly made me spurt.

Thank you so much to Goddess for bringing together such an epic and crazy group of people. It has certainly done my slutty confidence the world of good, having played around so many people. When in doubt, just go for it and be crazy!

Vivienne l’Amour & Celestial Studios

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