Under the Control of a Goddess

Upon entering the room I was instructed to remove my clothes and advised that I should not grow complacent and that a good first impression does not equate to anything more than that. I still had a lot to prove and would be expected to do just that in order to remain in Mistresses good graces. Mistress was pleased that I had presented myself in an appropriate manner and liked the fact that I take pride in my appearance although I get the feeling it is because of this that she was emanating an exceptionally mischievous aura as I'm sure she had plans for me.

Following this I was then restrained and blindfolded and told that it would be my sole responsibility for the moment to do as I was told, to comply and to graciously receive whatever I was offered. Mistress then detailed what devilish things she might get me to do which was incredibly arousing and her sexual prowess was overflowing.

Whilst I am certainly no expert in pain I received what Mistress deemed to be an appropriate amount of pain and was told that perhaps I had earned a reward. Mistress then checked with me that I do not smoke to which I confirmed that I did not. She told me that sadly this was the wrong answer and when in session with her it would always be her decision on whether I smoked or not and as Mistress wanted to smoke it would be incredibly rude for me not to do so as well. Unfortunately I was unable to light Mistress' cigarette due to my bondage predicament for which I was lightly scolded with and I quickly felt Mistress Press against me, she removed my blindfold and I was presented with the most magnificent sight of her holding a cigarette close to both of our faces. She then told me "you want this, don't you? Tell me you want this" and before I had a chance to finish my sentence Mistress had already taken an inhale, leaned closer and exhaled into my mouth. I was completely interrupted but instinctively knew to inhale whatever I was being offered to which Mistress then said "good boy, we are going to have a lot of fun today aren't we?". "Yes, Mistress" was my response as Mistress slowly and seductively lowered a large amount of spit she had been saving into my mouth. "Good".

Mistress was impressed with my compliance and I was then released from my constraints. Mistress then asked me how long I had saved myself for her prior to this session. The answer was 4 long weeks which made Mistress smile and Mistress advised me that I should no way expect to be granted permission to cum at any stage but it would be a smart idea to push myself and try to impress Mistress. I was then permitted to a wonderful tease and worship scenario and I explored every inch I was permitted to, Mistress Vivienne has a wonderful derriere. Mistress is powerfully adept probing and pulling you along and really brought me out of my comfort zone in ways that I didn't expect possible. Mistress Vivienne lives and plays by her own rules and I don't think it would be appropriate for me to say a lot more than that for the moment.

Mistress then let me know that she would like another cigarette and asked how that made me feel and if I would like to join her? She has a razor sharp intuition and ability to really pull you in to a session. I respectfully said that I would love for nothing more and more smoking followed this. At this stage it appeared that Mistress had an idea flash across her eyes as she asked me to hold her cigarette, to which I offered my hand and she laughed saying "no, no my dear boy. You will hold this with your mouth". I done as I was told and during this Mistress then restrained me on to my back lay on top of me, unable to move freely Mistress said "you did say you would join me for a cigarette so now it's time to see if you meant it..." Mistress lit another cigarette and told me that by joining her, whether I enjoyed it or not I would be doing things properly this time. I would continue to inhale Mistress' second hand smoke but she then also held the cigarette to my mouth and said "you know what to do my boy" and there I was smoking at my Mistresses hand, completely at her mercy.

Following on from this Mistress and I indulged in some anal play, worshipping her and the session concluded exactly the way that Mistress wanted it to and for the second time I have had a session which was an unparalleled experience.

Vivienne l’Amour & Celestial Studios

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