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Hi Goddess!

just saying i really liked your lift and carry video with damazonia. i prefer seeing really skinny people being carried easily and my favorite carries are shoulder rides.

hope vou do more in the future!


The porn: a slave is bound taut and has his balls squeezed and pulled at, before being slapped around and then secured in a humbler. He is then scratched and clawed from neck to sack, marking him as her property. He is then affixed to a scaffold style spanking bench (I think) giving ample access to both his holes.

The is then progressively throat and ass raped with a strapon whilst being chocked and degraded. The slave finally O gives up in his attempt to resist and fight the ensuing cock barrage to his slut hole, and notably drops his tense stature, accepting both his fate and defeat. The humbler is then removed, but the relief is short lived, as his balls are bound in rope, with it pulled taut up his back, pulling backwards his excuse of a cock. He is then milked like a cow whilst being verbally degraded and bitten on his butt cheeks. When he reaches climax, the Dom does not relent, focusing more intensely on the cockhead giving him an over stimulating post orgasm torture release. He is then left to dangle xXX

Vivienne l’Amour & Celestial Studios

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