First of all, I told you, I was really surprised by your sweetness and, although impressed and therefore a little stressed at first, by your simplicity.
You immediately put me at ease and I understood why Mistress Nikky and Goddess Anstaxia appreciate you so much.
I really didn't know what to expect and I was more than pleasantly delighted.

If the sessions with Mistress Nikky & Goddess Anastaxia only have something special that I cannot define, they and you took me to a place that I had never reached, much deeper than in that famous "subspace" I believe.
I never had such an experience and like most first times, it will always be etched in my memory.

I thought I had done bondage before but it was nothing compared to the way you tied me up, tied me down, restrained me.
It's something I've wanted to do for a long time and I loved being in such a position to suffer your torments and be ridiculed.
What I found incredible is that you forced me to perfection: Very little freedom in my movements, uncomfortable but just what is needed: Neither too much nor too little.
And, above all, you took into account my foot issue and attached it perfectly,
I have never been worried by that during the session thank you very much.

Then you blindfolded me and I am unable to describe everything you did to me.
It was a mixture of pleasure, pain, tension, etc. that put me in a state that I had never reached before.

As I'm really into visuals, I usually don't like being blindfolded and for some parts I regret a little bit but I probably never would have been in such a state without it.
So thank you for not giving me the choice and for your expertise.

My kink being humiliation rather than pure masochism, this was the first time I experienced real pleasure in pain, the first time I approached what pure masochists feel I guess.
It was incredible, intense, extraordinary, phantasmagoric... Even in French I have no words to describe what I felt.

The climax was just before I begged for mercy to pause: I was shaking, my head was spinning, tears of exctasy were streaming from my eyes, I was unable or barely able to think and I am unable to be able to describe what you subjected me to all 3 at the same time.

All I remember is that I reached a pain limit when you tortured my nipples intensely, much more than I'm used to. Especially since it's probably my main weakness 🥲

At that point you could have done or asked me anything and I would have accepted to such an extent that it is frightening.

I think if I hadn't asked for a break and if didn't allowed me, I would have passed out.
Thank you for granting it to me because what happened next was just as amazing:

What I love about pegging is the humiliation of being fucked by one or more gorgeous women, of being treated like the lowest of sluts. That's why I'm not very interested in anything other than the strap-on in this practice.

Except that for the first time in my life, and it's hard to admit and confess, I enjoyed getting fucked.
I have already been violently taken with big dildos for a long time by a duo of dominatrixes but never like this.
You prepared me perfectly while my favorite ladies treated me like a whore and the three of you fucked me like never before.
The climax was reached when you removed the blindfold from my eyes, Mistress Nikky and you held my legs while Goddess Anastaxia pounded me furiously with the dildo I had been looking at anxiously since the beginning of the week but which, thanks to you, has passed like a flower.
An incredible moment, a feeling that I had never felt before, it's not easy to admit for my straight male ego but I felt authentic pleasure in some way.

The final point was in line with the rest: Perfect.
Having to masturbate in front of you three, cumming on your feet and having to clean them is among my best conclusions, humiliating and exciting at the same time.

What made me the most happy is that you had so much fun and that you also liked this session.
Because it's probably my favorite kink, it's that the woman (or women) who dominates me enjoys doing it as well.
So the best reward for me was that The Scandal Sisters & Vivienne L'amour enjoyed the session as well ... That realy gave me a true satisfaction and happiness 😌

I also really like the way you dominate, it's not for nothing that the Vivienne L'amour/Scandal Sisters combination works so well.
And on a more individual level, I love your creativity, your style, your charming beauty and, of course, your voice ;)

I'm very happy to see you again in Amsterdam and really can't wait to come and submit to you this summer at Celestial Studio ...
I think that with your talent and the trust I have in you, you can take me even further and that we can spend other good times 🙂

With all my respect and gratitude, I trully wish you the best,

Vivienne l’Amour & Celestial Studios

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